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CS:GO caster Dust Mouret hosts The Hype Episode 13, this time featuring Scott "SirScoots" Smith, the anchor host of ESL One Cologne 2014. Watch the interview to gain insight to one of the most veteran minds in the CS:GO community.

Dust Mouret of ESEA casting fame hosted his regular talk show "The Hype" yesterday. This time around it featured celebrated esports figure Scott 'SirScoots' Smith, who will be anchor hosting ESL One Cologne 2014 tomorrow. It's a rare occasion where we get to learn about the people that aren't the ones fragging. SirScoots has quite the impressive resume, from doing logistics for corporations such as Coca Cola, to founding esports coverage site GotFrag (which was purchased by Major League Gaming), as well as managing the professional gaming organization Evil Genuises. Needless to say, Mr. Scott brings a unique, experienced perspective when it comes to eSports.

Dust and SirScoots also discuss in length the upcoming tournament that's on everybody's mind. ESL One Cologne 2014 is the second major CS:GO tournament Valve has sponsored, with a massive prize purse of $250,000 USD. This tournament features the top teams across the world, including teams like Vox Eminor from Austrialia and Team Wolf from India. The pools that were made for the group stages draw interesting discussion, including topics like the highly controversial map pool and veto selection. 

Breakdown (From Youtube Page):

0:00 – 1:41 - Intro (Brief overview of the host and guest)

1:41 – 9:20 - What did SirScoots want to do before esports? What does he do outside of esports? How does his work with Coke relate to esports? 

9:20 – 13:15 - How did SirScoots get into esports?

13:15 – 24:33 - How did SirScoots get into the media side of esports? How did he get into working with Gotfrag and Live on Three? How did he get into the business side of esports with EG? What made him leave EG/LO3?

24:33 – 27:25 - Will SirScoots rejoin LO3?

27:25 – 45:41 - How did SirScoots get into hosting/being an analyst at the CS:GO majors? Here SirScoots also talks about his work and experiences at DHW, Katowice, G3, and what ESL ONE Cologne will be for him. We also touch a bit on casting lineups and tournament formats.

45:41 – 1:14:14 - A preview of ESL ONE Cologne. Includes discussion of groups and who he thinks will advance, storylines coming into the event from G3, Caseking, and ESEA LAN, and an overall prediction.

1:14:14 – 1:18:04 - ESL One Cologne Fantasy teams

1:18:04 – 1:21:00 - Top 4 of Cologne

1:21:00 – 1:33:05 - Here we go into more detail about veto and map format for ESL One Cologne. We also touch on casters a bit again.

1:33:05 – 1:53:15 - Viewer Questions! Questions include more talk about iBP, advice from SirScoots on how to get into working in the esports industry, growing the NA CS:GO scene, etc. 

1:33:05 – 1:56:38 - Shoutouts and closing remarks!


Source: Dust Mouret Youtube page

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