Valve announces ESL One Pick Em' challenge

CS:GO Allen “snarkbearkai” Moseley

ESL One is set to begin August 14th with some of the best teams in the world clashing in Cologne, Germany for $250,000. Valve has decided to add some flair to this years tournament for the fans that gives them the opportunity to predict the winners of the group stages, playoffs, and grand finals.

ESL One, beginning on August 14th, will be featuring sixteen of the top teams in the world. To add to the hype surrounding the largest CS:GO tournament in the world, Valve has announced a feature in-game that will allow players to follow their favorite teams and earn trophies for themselves. 

The objective is to earn points by predicting the winners for each stage of the tournament. Each correct prediction will net a certain amount of points. 

Day Stage


1 Group 3
2 Group


3 Quarterfinals 6
4 Semi/Grand Finals 8

​Accumulating points will result in earning trophies, which can be displayed on your steam profile. There are three different trophies: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, which can be obtained at 25,  50, and 75 points respectively. Playing each day will credit one point as well. 

To play the game, however, you will first need to get team stickers. These can be purchased in the steam store or on the market for $1.00 each. Once a sticker has been unboxed, you may select that team for multiple predictions throughout the remainder of the tournament. 

A caveat of the stickers is once each sticker has been used to select a team, it becomes locked and untradeable for the remainder of the day. It will not unlock until the event day is over, upon which it becomes tradeable once again. Predictions may be removed, but it will not prematurely unlock the sticker. This implies that having multiple stickers may allow a player to change their prediction before the day is over. 

Fans can also compete with their friends on the Pick Em' leaderboards. 

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