Editorial: Acquainting eSports with mainstream businesses

GosuGamers' Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev talks to Oliver Fedtke and Manuel Kotschote, two guys with the ambitious project of creating Europe's largest professional eSports conference in order to attract the attention of mainstream businesses.

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Happy holidays from GosuGamers.net

A day before Christmas eve and a week before we bid 2013 farewell, we give our biggest thanks to all who made this an unforgettable year for GosuGamers.

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nkl: "iNation and E-Frag are the biggest challengers"

We sat down with the Bulgarian player and currently member of HeadShotBG, Nikolay "nkl" Krustev, who was kind enough like to spare a few minutes of his time to talk to us and share some thoughts with our readers. The Bulgarian team will attend Belgrade Gaming Festival in Serbia this weekend and we spoke with Nikolay "nkl" Krustev about the Serbian event, Balkan scene, teams goals and more.

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