ESL S4 Playoffs

ESL Pro League Season 14 : The Playoffs

From 24 teams, the top 12 will be gunning for the Grand Final
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China minor restrictions

China's 'minor' gaming restrictions; Helpful or harmful?

China tightens its limits on gaming for the youth under the age of 18, but what are the benefits and consequences?
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TuGux of BIG Academy

TuGuX on WePlay Academy League: “It's all so professional and it's really good for the scene”

On day two of WePlay Academy League playoffs we had the chance to sit and talk with BIG Academy coach, Tugay "TuGuX" Keskin
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CSGo dead?

CS:GO Dead? Not really

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has seen a dip in popularity in recent times. We explore some of the reasons why this is happening and what might be the future
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sporting organisations esports teams

Traditional sporting organisations with their own esports teams

Esports these days are getting bigger and bigger, resulting in many traditional sporting organisations taking notice.
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The International

Is our future (esports) generation in good hands?

The future of esports relies on the impact from those in the industry now on those that are just entering into the fold. But are they in good hands?
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Image of Vtubers and Esport titles

Vtubers and the wide world of esports

Virtual avatars are injecting some fun and entertainment into everyday lives with esports
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 someone writing down in a notebook

Competitive edge and fair play

As with traditional sports, esports teams seek out ways to gain a competitive edge over their opponents. How do some teams gain an advantage and is it fair play
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ECI image

[Op-ed] ECI not the answer; What does esports really need?

The esports certificate was meant to create a merit-based examination and certification program but fell under heavy criticism. What does esports really need?
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A screenshot of CS:GO

CS:GO – a game that still garners a high following

CS:GO is still an enduring game as it continues to bring in and sustain a large number of fans playing and watching it
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