ESEA Season 30

  • Prize pool $150,000
  • Start date 15 Jan 2019
  • End date 21 Jun 2019

Prize pool - $35,000

1. $17,500 USD 3. $3,500 USD
2. $10,500 USD 4. $3,500 USD


Participating teams - Europe

  Virtus.pro   AGO Esports
  Epsilon Esports   Team LDLC
  ENCE   Sprout
  Uruguay3   ex-Fragsters
  ALTERNATE aTTaX   Chaos Esports Club
  expert eSport   Team Vitality
CIS Team Spirit   Unicorns of Love
  forZe   Izako Boars
  Valiance   Movistar Riders

Participating teams - North America

  Luminosity Gaming North America MASSIVEimpact
  Team Singularity   Party Astronauts
  Denial Esports   Mythic
  Old Guys Club North America Spacestation Gaming
  Team One   Bad News Bears
North America Fragging for Andy   Infamous
  Forty Six and 2   Stay Frosty
  FURIA Esports   The Fundamentals
  Final Feature Gaming   iNTACT

Main event Europe/North America

Group stage
  • Round-Robin league format
  • All teams play each other once
  • All matches are Bo1
  • Top 8 teams proceed to the Playoffs
  • Status: Completed
  • Single-Elimination bracket
  • All matches are Bo3
  • Status: Completed

Prize pool - $10,000

1. $5,00 USD 3. $1,000 USD
2. $3,000 USD 4. $1,000 USD

Participating teams - Australia

  Grayhound Gaming   Chiefs Esports Club
  Paradox Gaming   ICON Esports
  Breakaway Esports   ORDER
  Athletico Esports   Ground Zero Gaming
  ex-Team Skyfire   Rooster
  MC ESPORTS   Astral Influence
  R!OT Gaming   Content
  Caladrius   PC419
  Off The Grid Esports   Avant Gaming

Location: Online


ESEA Season 30: Premier Division

14 Jan 2019
Australia - Playoffs Bracket
Europe - Playoffs Bracket
North America - Playoffs Bracket
Australia - Group Stage
Europe - Group Stage
North America - Group Stage
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