ZOTAC Cup Master 2018

ZOTAC Cup Master 2018

General Information

Prize pool - $300,000 USD
1. $200,000 USD
2. $60,000 USD
3-4. $20,000 USD




Participating teams:

China.gif TyLoo Brazil.gif Made in Brazil
Poland.gif Virtus.pro TBA (Invite)
China.gif VG.FlashGaming Korea.gif MVP PK
United States.gif Ghost Gaming Poland.gif Team Kinguin



-- Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Hong Kong.gif


Group Stage --
August 24 - 25
-- TBA
- Status: Upcoming

Playoff --
August 26
-- TBA
- Status: Upcoming

ZOTAC Cup Master 2018 Live Streams

Americas Playoffs (Completed)

EU PLayoffs (Completed)

EU Group A (Completed)

EU Group B (Completed)

NA Open Quali #2 (Completed)

NA Open Quali #3 (Completed)

EU Closed Qualifier (Completed)

APAC Quali (Completed)

NA Group A (Completed)

NA Group B (Completed)

NA Group C (Completed)

NA Group D (Completed)

NA Qualifier (Completed)

Taiwan Qualifier (Completed)

South America Quali (Completed)

South Asia Quali #2 (Completed)

HK Qualifier (Completed)

Japan Open Quali (Completed)

EU Open Quali #4 (Complted)

NA Open Quali #1 (Completed)

South Asia Quali #1 (Completed)

Upcoming matches - ZOTAC Cup Master 2018


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