CS:GO Champions League Season 2

  • Prize pool $50,000
  • Start date Sep 16, 2015
  • End date Jan 1, 2016

Prize pool - $50,000 USD

1. $25,000 USD 3. $5,000 USD
2. $15,000 USD 4. $5,000 USD


Participating teams

  Team Dignitas   HellRaisers
  Natus Vincere   Virtus.pro
  PENTA Sports   DenDD
  FlipSid3 Tactics   E-Frag.net Esports Club

Main event

Group stage
  • Four groups of four.
  • All matches of this stage are played in a GSL Best-of-3 format.
  • Top 2 teams of each groups advance to the online playoffs.
  • Status: Completed
  • Online playoffs
  • Single Elimination Bracket Best-of-3.
  • Grand Final and 3rd place decider are played in Best-of-5 format.
  • Status: Completed

Location: Europe  


CS:GO Champions League Season 2

Sep 15, 2015
Playoffs - Playoffs
Group A - Group Stage
Group B - Group Stage
Group C - Group Stage
Group D - Group Stage

News & Features

GOCL S2 goes into playoffs

GOCL S2 goes into playoffs

The group stage of CS:GO Champions League Season 2 has concluded and the playoffs are ready to kick off with the first matches being played today.

CS:GO Angel
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