MLG X Games Aspen

MLG X Games Aspen

General information

Prize pool - $50,000
1. $25,000 USD
2. $12,500 USD
3. $7,500 USD
4. $5,000 USD
DATES -- January 23 to 25
Group Stage - 8 teams, two groups
- round robin, best of one
- top two teams advance from each group
Playoffs - four teams, single elimination bracket
- third place decider will be played
- Location; Aspen, Colorado

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What the MLG X Games brought us

The very first Counter-Strike:Global Offensive event hosted by MLG took a place last weekend in Aspen, Colorado featuring some of the biggest teams from both sides of the Atlantic. With a prize pool of 50,000 USD, and MLG’s great track record on LAN events, many people were expecting an event with high production value.

The Fnatic rampage

How did Fnatic make their way to the very top in the final months of 2014?

Talking points: five major stories leading in to X-Games Aspen 2015

X-Games Aspen 2015 is right around the corner. Here are five talking points which you should consider leading in to the first event of the 2015 calendar year.

News for MLG X Games Aspen

Team LDLC are your MLG X Games 2015 champions!

Team LDLC have won MLG X Games 2015 following a 2-1 victory over NiP.

Dignitas claims a third place at MLG X Games

Team Dignitas took a very convincing win against one of the favorites of this event, Fnatic in a bronze medal match.

Happy: "It was a bit of shock that we lost on de_inferno"

Team LDLC takes down Dignitas 2-1 to schedule a rematch of the DreamHack Winter finals against Ninjas in Pyjamas.

GeT_RiGhT: "It was a very tight game"

Ninjas in Pyjamas claim the first spot in the Grand Finals of MLG X Games by defeating Fnatic in a very close semifinals match.

dupreeh: "We're just gonna play our game"

Team Dignitas to round up the list of teams in the semi finals of MLG X Games.

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Group Stage

MLG X Games Aspen EU Qualifier

MLG X Games Aspen EU Qualifier #2

MLG X Games Aspen NA Qualifier

MLG X Games Aspen NA Qualifier #2

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