Clan-Mystik, fnatic & iBUYPOWER to DH Winter 2013

The DreamHack Winter organisers have confirmed that Clan-Mystik, fnatic and iBUYPOWER have been invited to take part in the $250,000 CS:GO tournament. Also, they announced that, in cooperation with FACEIT, they will host one more open European qualifier, on November 12th.

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GosuGamers patch - New match pages and improved ticker

Recently we gave you the new and improved Team Profiles here on GosuGamers. Tonight we give you the next step on our line of site improvements, it is the front page match ticker as well as the match pages. This article will provide a brief explanation of what is new.

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CPH Wolves bring in Nico & device

Less then two days after dropping out of ESWC CS:GO tournament, Copenhagen Wolves announce the release of Michael "Friis" Jørgensen and Jacob "pimp" Winneche from their line-up. After multiple good results in Denmark, the squad failed to surprise at both RaidCall EMS One and ESWC in the last two weeks.

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AWESOME are now Reason Gaming

Reason Gaming have announced the addition of the Danish team AWESOME to their organisation. The new Reason Gaming CS:GO division consists of known faces in the international scene.

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3DMAX sign approx

With Manuel "approx" Zeitz, 3DMAX added one of the biggest names in the history of German Counter-Strike 1.6 to their roster. Zeitz retired from professional Counter-Strike after failing several times in CS:GO.

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Clan-Mystik are ESWC '13 champions

Clan-Mystik won their first international title after defeating VeryGames in the grand final of Electronic Sports World Cup 2013, giving them a $12,500 cheque.

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Druidz to top Alternate at ESWC

The local French team Druidz.fe managed to win over Team Alternate in the Grand Final of ESWC's female Counter-Strike:Global Offensive tournament. They secured themselves $5.000 and a spot in next years tournament.

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CS 1.6 and CS:GO Showmatch with fnatic & Na`Vi

Update: Na`Vi 2010 won over fnatic 2009 with 3:2 in maps. Four maps were played in CS 1.6.

With potentially their best lineups from the past, the multigaming organisations fnatic and Natus Vincere decided to host a showmatch played in the classic Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.

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krL & bistouflyy make return

With their new team called Rampage, the former Team LDLC players Sebastien "krL" Perez and Alexandre "bistouflyy" Lebozec both make their return to Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. Both played in a team called Nameless earlier this year for a short period.

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3DMax complete Techlabs Finals Moscow

The German team 3DMax will fill the fourth and last spot for Techlabs Finals, held on November 16th and 17th in Moscow, Russia. They managed to win over Universal Soldiers in a Rematch of Techlabs Minsk Final.

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