CSGO Shuffles

More CS:GO shuffling dance in motion

Froz1k, Lucky and RUSH head off to new teams to build their CS:GO career Several teams are seeing updates in their CS:GO roster as they aim to strengthen their
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Weplay Academy League header

WePlay announces the WePlay Academy League

The new circuit, supported by top CS:GO teams, aims to shape the industry in fostering new talents
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 Grand Master's Palace from Malta capital with Malta Vibes CS:GO tournament logo

Eden Esports announce Malta Vibes Knockout, a $300,000 six tournament series

Eden Esports and GRID announce Malta Vibes Knockout, a 6 tournament series with a $300,000 total prize pool
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EXL Pro League Season 9

ESL Pro League Season 14 will be played online thanks to COVID-related travel restrictions

This is a blow to the return of normalcy to esports tournaments everywhere
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JW of Fnatic

JW and Golden dropped from Fnatic starting CSGO roster

Possible may move to VALORANT for JW, no news yet for Golden
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Pinnacle Cup II WInner image

Pinnacle Cup II – Team Spirit wins the grand final

The team from Russia proved their mettle during the competition
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Navi wins IEM Cologne

IEM Cologne – Na’Vi wins the grand finals trumping over G2 Esports

The seasoned team won the tournament 3 - 0.
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Pinnacle Cup II Semi Final header

Pinnacle Cup II Day 1 & 2 Playoffs – surprises from all sides

Names expected to be further down the competition have left instead.
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Pinnacle Cup II Playoff article header

Pinnacle Cup II – Swiss Round ends, onwards to the Playoffs

Twelve teams will now battle it out for spots in the Grand Final
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IEM Cologne Snapshot header

IEM Cologne - leading to the Grand Final

Big surprises and upsets have led to the final six, and the Grand Final
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