Pinnacle Cup Ii swiss stage header

Pinnacle Cup II: Swiss Stage showcases teams with the grits to go on

Three out of the four teams from play-in have some promise to head to the next round
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WePlay and PGL logos for the Stockholm CS:GO Major

WePlay to host the official Russian broadcast for PGL Major Stockholm 2021

The Russian broadcast, for what is set to be the biggest CS:GO Major in the game history, will benefit from a studio set-up, stage segment rendered in AR
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NBK and Kjaerbye

Multiple players are leaving CS:GO for other pastures

Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye and Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt  will be leaving the CS:GO world
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IEM Cologne header

IEM Cologne will be a LAN event

Players for the tournament have started to fly in for the competition
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Pinnacle cup II 1st round header

Pinnacle Cup II Play-in stage: Next generation of competitive players show their stuff

The next generation how that they have the mettle to be in the race
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Stockholm Major logo

PGL’s Stockholm Major possibly under threat of postponement

This is on the back of the problems faced by Valve with TI10, also scheduled for Stockholm
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Gambit Esports win header

Gambit Esports wins BLAST Premier Spring Finals, toppling Natus Vincere along the way

The two teams met for the second time in many days.
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sporting organisations esports teams

Traditional sporting organisations with their own esports teams

Esports these days are getting bigger and bigger, resulting in many traditional sporting organisations taking notice.
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Pinnacle cup II header image

Pinnacle Cup II signals a return to competitive CS:GO pro circuit

The tournament, hosted by Pinnacle and Relog Media, will have a $100,00 prize pool for grabs
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BLAST Premier Fall Finals promo artwork

BLAST Premier Falls Final will be played with a live audience

The first live event in 20 months from the company to be held in Copenhagen
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