Gambit Esports win header

Gambit Esports wins BLAST Premier Spring Finals, toppling Natus Vincere along the way

The two teams met for the second time in many days.
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sporting organisations esports teams

Traditional sporting organisations with their own esports teams

Esports these days are getting bigger and bigger, resulting in many traditional sporting organisations taking notice.
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Pinnacle cup II header image

Pinnacle Cup II signals a return to competitive CS:GO pro circuit

The tournament, hosted by Pinnacle and Relog Media, will have a $100,00 prize pool for grabs
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BLAST Premier Fall Finals promo artwork

BLAST Premier Falls Final will be played with a live audience

The first live event in 20 months from the company to be held in Copenhagen
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CSGO Ranked matches

CS:GO ranking is no longer free; all ranking now sits behind Prime paywall

This update may deter hackers, and also impact VALORANT
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mousesports flashpoint 3 winner

mousesports wins the Flashpoint Season 3 Grand Final

The team completed the competition undefeated by defeating Ninjas in Pyjamas
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The International

Is our future (esports) generation in good hands?

The future of esports relies on the impact from those in the industry now on those that are just entering into the fold. But are they in good hands?
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Image of Vtubers and Esport titles

Vtubers and the wide world of esports

Virtual avatars are injecting some fun and entertainment into everyday lives with esports
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Flashpoint logo alt

NiP beats Anonymo Esports in a controversial rematch

Along with the win, the team is also receiving death threats.
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FLashpoint logo

Flashpoint facing some controversy one week into the tournament

It has proven to be explosive with surprises and problems.
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