Razer Abyssus Mouse Tour!

joekim @ 26th March 2012 08:27 (Read 14,909 times).
Greetings! The iCCup Clan League Season 19 Champions, vTv, are honored to host an Open Tournament for the Brood War Community. Since the Prize to the winner will be the Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse, for convenience's sake we shall call this the RAM Tour. Although it is an "open" tournament, there will also be a reservation list for players to be seeded above others.

Date: Saturday, March 31st, 2012
Time: 19:00 CET
Channel: Op vTv
Format: Double Elimination
Sign-up: http://binarybeast.com/xBW1203261

The RAM Tour, as stated above, will be Double Elimination. This means that there will be a Winners Bracket and a Losers Bracket, so you should not leave right away if you lose. Standard Tournament Rules shall apply. If your opponent is a no-show once the RAM Tour for 15+ minutes, you will be given a walkover. Any BM towards the Admins and their decisions will not be tolerated. The Caster reserves the right to cast any any he chooses, unless there is lag. The Winner will be interviewed and asked to PM their mailing address.
Reservation List: (Please PM vTv.JoeKim to Confirm your spot)

Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse Specs:

*Sorry for the quality of the photo. It was taken with a camera phone*
Sponsor: vTv.Kazuhiro
Organization: vTv.Kazuhiro and vTv.JoeKim
Caster: vTv.Drake