Why do I have no luck?

tellur @ 1st January 2012 12:55 (Read 15,947 times).
      Dota 2...When it was first announced, I've had nearly pissed in my pants with bliss. Now, it's over a year or so (correct me if it's wrong, I'm lazy to google it) when casual players like me or you can play the Dota 2 beta. But! It has got this one disadvantage. It's still invite only, or if one wants:it's still a CLOSED beta. One needs a Dota 2 key invite. Without the key, one cannot simply enter Steam site and download Dota 2 right away.

      Yes, one can say:it's an advantage that it will be closed for a next few weeks/months before Valve decides to open it or release the full game. It has got a smaller community in which can they easier ban ineligible people such as flammers, hackers and other misbehaving persons. Valve does also have a "list" of users who can play it therefore Valve can PM anyone anytime they want about anything. And other advantages. Everything on this world has good and bad sides. I'm not complaining about this fact. But I still feel that this is not right. And I'm sure some of you gg.netters feel the same way I do. I'll explain why.

      During the Dota 2 key invite I've participated around 7 competitions. Most of them was a "lucky draw" thing. The first one needed some "skill" because its theme was "Write us why YOU should have a Dota 2 key invitation!". Considering what it was, I wrote a shitload long article (it took the whole A4 page). And yet, they chose some other lucky guy who probably wrote the article with better quality than I did. It was OK, I thought "hey, let's participate in competitions!". From then I wasn't able to find suitable "skill involved" competitions (I ran over one which involved draw skills. Man I'm a horrible drawer :( ) which made me going and writing into "lucky draws" threads on other sites (even the sump of shit of the internet - the famous /b/!).

      Just before going on my Christmas vacation with my family, I've ran over donation threads here. I couldn't reply because I had to go. So when I arrived I've immediately written in a two. Now I know that I wasn't the lucky one in those two threads. The same situation was then when Blizzard released SC 2 beta. I too participated even in more competitions just to grab my beta key...But guess what? I couldn't play it and now I cannot afford to buy it.

      In this case I feel injured a lot. I am playing Dota for 4 years and I want to "upgrade" it to the higher level - Dota 2 where Icefrog isn't limited by WC3 engine. But I feel like there are hunderds of players who barely touched Dota and who barely know how it works. Those hundreds who, I believe, do have the Dota 2 key just because of their luck! And at last, those hundreds who established a Steam account just because of Dota 2!

      I'm hesitating to write into another donating threads to try my "luck". I would almost certainly feel like a begger. Luck is never on my side, I feel like that bitch has abandoned me somewhere in my early years. I'd be really glad for this. I see no choice, but to play Dota and other games and wait till Valve "opens" it or releases a full game.

Luck, why are you such a bitch?
Thanks to one generous santa here, who wants to stay anonymous, I've got a key!!!And I want to give a dota 2 invitiation to gg.net community! See http://www.gosugamers.net/general/thread/898895-making-a-competition-for-key-help-me !