(4) Qualifiers:
Open registration
128 Teams Per Individual Qualifiers
3 vs 3
Single Elimination Bracket
Rounds of 128 / 64 / 32 will be Best of 1 matches
Rounds of 16 / 8 / 4 - will be Best of 3 matches (two games won are needed for victory in the match)
Top 2 Teams from each individual qualifier qualify for Main Bracket (Finals played for seeding)

Main Bracket:
Populated from Qualifiers
8 Team Bracket
3 vs 3
Double Elimination Bracket
Best of 2 out of 3 Series for each match


- All Qualifier Tournaments, will receive randomized seeding.
- 1st and 2nd place teams of the qualifier brackets are qualified for the Main Bracket.
- First placing teams from the qualifier will play a second placing team from the opposite qualifier (Qualifier 1, 1st place plays Qualfiier 4, 2nd place).

Bans & Picks & Maps
- The following maps are permanently banned from being played during the tournament in all instances: AI Station 205 and AI Station 404
- First map is selected by Lower Seed if applicable or by Coinflip
- Maps are picked by the previous map's losing team.
- Each team bans two Awesomenaut per map.
- Players will be required to download the NautDrafter application to preform the picks & bans.
- The format for bans & picks will be: T1Ban -> T2Ban -> T1Pick -> T2Pick -> T2Pick -> T1Pick -> T1Ban -> T2Ban -> T2Pick -> T1Pick
- If a Naut is banned, neither team is allowed to pick it.
- If a Naut is picked by one team, the other team is still free to pick it for their roster.

Game Hosting
- All games are hosted by EU teams.
- If both teams are EU, there is a lag test before the matches to determine host.
- If any non EU teams participate and are matched up with an EU team, the EU team will host.
- If both teams are not EU, then there is a lag test before the matches to determine host.

Drop Outs
- If a team drops out from a Qualifier, all subsequent opponents will recieve a walkover win.
- If a team drops out from the Main Bracket before the Main Bracket begins, the next placing team from their corresponding qualifier will be recieving an invite to replace the original team.
- If a team drops out of the Main Bracket after the Main Bracket has begun, all subsequent walkover wins.
- By dropping out of the tournament you forfeit all prizing.

- If neither a player nor a tower have been killed and a player disconnects from the game, the game will be remade with the same map and nauts picked.
- If a player disconnects but first blood has been taken or a tower has been killed, the game will be played on as is.

- In the qualifiers no substitute players are allowed for any team.
- In the main bracket, teams may have up to 1 substitute player. They must be added to your team on the Awesome Cup website.
- Using a registered* substitute during the qualifiers will result in disqualification from that qualifier.
- Using an unregistered* substitute in the qualifiers will result in disqualification from that qualifier as well as the next one; use in the main bracket will cause disqualification of from the main bracket and all prizing to be forfeited.

Late & No Shows
- If you are unable to find your opponent, report it to an admin through Steam chat. If they are still unable to be contacted by both your team and admins of the Awesome Cup after 10 minutes of the round having started, you will receive a win for the first map. If the opponent is still missing 20 minutes after the round having started, you will be awarded a walkover win.
- If you or someone from your team needs to leave the computer, you must report it to an admin before leaving, and then you will be provided up to 15 minutes to return. If you have not returned within 15 minutes then you will be forfeited in the bracket.
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