GosuGamers Forum Rules

The forum rules:


  • No bad or inappropriate language
  • Please respect our staff and listen to their requests
  • Multiple accounts are NOT allowed
  • We take a strong stance on racism. Please refrain from posting anything that’s racially insensitive
  • Do NOT insult other members
  • Do NOT post other members' real-life information
  • Do NOT ask for donations
  • No trolling (starting fights, useless comments, flaming, etc.)
  • No spam or advertising of any kind
  • No double posting.
  • No warez/cracks.
  • Do NOT post or attempt to sell anything illegal
  • No bumping necro-posting. If a post is dying, just let it die
  • No reposting. Please use the search function before posting.
  • Do not use your signature to insult members or link offensive/illegal content
  • Use proper thread titles
  • No account sharing
  • No referral/affiliate links
  • If you disagree with a moderator, don’t throw a fit but contact an administrator


If you have any questions, contact a moderator on the forums.