Valuebet Terms of Use

§1 General Stuff

§1.1 By participating in our GosuGamers ValueBet system you confirm having read and agreed to our Valuebet Terms of use
§1.2 By participating in our GosuGamers ValueBet system you confirm that you are the legitimate owner of the items you deposit on your account and that you have the right to do so
§1.3 By participating in our GosuGamers ValueBet system you confirm that you understand that you might lose the items you placed as bets on matches. GosuGamers will not be held accountible for your decisions made
§1.4 Please know that we are offering a system based on a rather poorly documented API provided by Valve that was not even built for this purpose. We're doing what we can to provide the best possible service, but there is a realistic chance still that you will encounter issues from time to time as the software used is not officially approved and supported by Valve
§1.5 These rules are still subject to change as we are only testing the system and its abilities and boundaries


§2 Requirements to participate

§2.1 In order to participate in our ValueBet system you need to have your GosuGamers account linked with your Steam account
§2.2 You may be required to replace your existing password with a strong password and since we don't know what your password was before there is no option to continue without a password refresh


§3 ValueBet mechanics

§3.1 ValueBet takes an approximate market prize based on publicly accessible Steam Community Market pricings, but uses a proprietary formula to make our price index more robust against fluctuations. By participating in ValueBet you acknowledge that the GosuGamers ValueBet pricings are not neccessarily comparable to the official Steam Community Market pricings and that GosuGamers takes no responsibility if the pricings used on GosuGamers services differ from Steam Community Market pricings
§3.2 GosuGamers takes a cut of up to 1% based on all winnings for each match. This cut will be used for various purposes, including promotional activities or compensation of volunteer admins. Most importantly we will spend the items collected from our earnings to feed them back into the pool of available items to distribute to winners who would normally end up with no winnings under certain conditions
§3.3 Bets placed will be locked in and cannot be changed once placed. There might sometimes be postpones or prepones happening, so only place your bet when you're sure that this is your decision since you might end up not being able to acces your items placed for some time
§3.4 The outcome of an ValueBet CANNOT be altered, even in the event that a wrong result got reported and then updated, the original result will stand as far as distribution of Items is concerned
§3.5 In the event that one of the teams in a match gets changed, all previously placed bets are cancelled. The only exception to this process is whenever the place holder team called 'To Be Decided' gets exchanged with the intended opponent
§3.6 If GosuGamers for some reason has the wrong format for a started match (i.e. the wrong best-of-X), all bets are cancelled
§3.7 GosuGamers will not cancel bets placed on a rescheduled match unless there is no new date/time known
§3.8 In order to prevent complicated scenarios for winning/losing items placed as bet, we cancel every match that did not have all possible games of the set played
§3.9 GosuGamers is not responsible to educate you whether or not the teams playing will be using stand-ins for the match. Changes to the team roster or the expected maps list for a match do not result in canceling the bets on that match.
§3.10 By participating in our GosuGamers ValueBet system, you agree that the system is to be used for betting only, and not as a method for exchanging items. Any other use of GosuGamers bots might result in a permanent ban without prior warning.

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