North American Starleague Season 3


Division 1
Korea Puma
Korea Hwangsin
Italy Cloud
Canada TT1
Russia BratOK
Korea Zenio
Sweden HayprO
Romania NightEnd
France Stephano

Division 2
Korea Hero
United Kingdom DeMuslim
Germany DarkForce
Korea Crazymoving
United States Nony
Ukraine Dimaga
Korea Ryung
Germany HasuObs
Sweden Sjow

Division 3
Taiwan Sen
Korea Ganzi
Poland Mana
Germany TLO
United States Vibe
Korea Rain
Ukraine Strelok
United States Axlav
Canada HuK

Division 4
Sweden Thorzain
Peru CatZ
Korea Alicia
Belarus Lowely
Korea Select
United States Cruncher
Korea Alive
United States Idra
Netherlands Ret

Division 5
Sweden Morrow
Korea Puzzle
Sweden Jinro
United States qxc
Korea MC
Korea Polt
Norway Targa
United States Sheth
Ukraine WhiteRa


TOTAL: $100,000


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Division Standings

Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5
Korea Puma6-0+11Korea Hero6-0+11Canada Huk4-1+4Belarus Lowely5-0+6Korea Puzzle5-1+8
Canada TT14-1+2United Kingdom DeMuslim4-0+7Ukraine Strelok4-2+4Korea Alicia4-2+3Sweden Morrow4-1+4
Korea Zenio4-2+3Ukraine Dimaga3-2+3Korea Ganzi4-2+3Korea Select3-2+3Korea MC4-1+4
France Stephano3-2+2Germany Hasuobs3-2+2Taiwan Sen4-2+2Netherlands Ret3-2+2Norway Targa3-30
Italy Cloud3-30Korea Ryung3-30United States Vibe2-3-1Korea Alive3-2+1United States Sheth2-3-1
Romania Nightend2-30United States Nony1-3-4Germany TLO2-3-1United States Idra2-2-1Korea Polt2-3-1
Korea Hwangsin2-3-2Sweden Sjow1-4-5Poland Mana2-3-3Sweden Thorzain2-3-1Ukraine WhiteRa2-3-2
Sweden Haypro0-5-8Korea Crazymoving1-4-6Korea Rain1-4-3United States Cruncher1-5-6United States qxc1-4-7
Russia BratOK0-5-8Germany DarkForce1-5-8United States Axslav1-4-5Peru Catz0-5-9Sweden Jinro0-5-5

Week 7

Division 1, May 23rd
Korea Puma vs Romania Nightend
Canada TT1 vs Sweden Haypro
France Stephano vs Korea Hwangsin
Russia BratOK vs Korea Zenio

Division 2, May 24th
United Kingdom Demuslim vs Korea Hero
Germany Hasuobs vs United States Nony
Ukraine Dimaga vs Korea Crazymoving
Sweden Sjow vs Korea Ryung

Division 3, May 25th
Taiwan Sen vs United States Vibe
United States Axslav vs Canada Huk
Germany TLO vs Korea Rain
Korea Ganzi vs Poland Mana

Division 4, May 26th
Korea Select vs Sweden Thorzain
Peru Catz vs United States Idra
Netherlands Ret vs Korea Alive
Belarus Lowely vs Korea Alicia

Division 5, May 27th
Sweden Morrow vs United States Sheth
Korea MC vs United States qxc
Sweden Jinro vs Korea Polt
Korea Puzzle vs Ukraine WhiteRa
Week 6

Division 1, May 16th
Korea Puma 2-0 Italy Cloud
Korea Zenio 2-0 France Stephano
Canada TT1 2-1 Korea Hwangsin
Romania NightEnd 2-0 Sweden HayPro

Division 2, May 17th
Korea Hero 2-0 Germany DarkForce
Korea Reyung W.O. Ukraine Dimaga
Korea Crazymoving W.O. Germany HasuObs
United States Nony 0-0 United Kingdom DeMuslim

Division 3, May 18th
Taiwan Sen 2-1 Ukraine Strelok
Korea Ganzi 2-1 Germany TLO
Korea Rain W.O. United States Axslav
Canada HuK 2-1 United States Vibe

Division 4, May 19th
Korea Alive 2-0 Peru Catz
Sweden Thorzain 2-0 United States Cruncher
Korea Alicia 2-0 Netherlands Ret
Korea Select 2-0 United States Idra

Division 5, May 20th
Sweden Morrow 2-1 Norway Targa
Korea Puzzle 2-1 Sweden Jinro
Korea Polt 0-2 Korea MC
United States qxc 0-2 United States Sheth