SMM 2011





China DK
China PanDa
China iG.Y
China Nirvana.cn
China LGD
Europe EG
Philippines Mineski
Philippines Execration
Thailand iDeal
Thailand MiTH.Trust
Thailand Neolution
Indonesia Velocy Hyper
Indonesia XT
Singapore AEON
Singapore Immortality
Singapore AyE
Singapore PMS.Asterisk
Singapore AmgD[FaZe]
myanmar.png G7
Malaysia Orange
Malaysia MUFC
Malaysia Typhon.int
Malaysia OBL
Malaysia PSK
Malaysia MSTR
Malaysia SP
Malaysia Noble
Malaysia Blaze City
Malaysia LeapOC
Malaysia InvasionWF
Malaysia SIC
Malaysia Orange2
Malaysia DCT
Malaysia SINO
Malaysia XD
Malaysia Skeptical
Malaysia CS.PLainWater
Malaysia Kingsurf.JJ
Malaysia Tiger
Malaysia AGL
Malaysia Typhon Sierra
Malaysia Never Pro
Malaysia FTZ
Malaysia CCT
Malaysia Net City
Malaysia GnA Gaming


1st ~$18,000 + Trophy + Gear
2nd ~$8,000 + Trophy + Gear
3rd ~$5,000 + Trophy + Gear
4th ~$3,000 + Gear
5th ~$1,300 + Gear
6th ~$1,000 + Gear
7th ~$650 + Gear
8th ~$500 + Gear


Top news


iG win gold and $18,000 at SMM 2011


Mineski finish third at SMM 2011

» The Philippine dream comes to an end. Mineski finish a well-deserved third.77


Mineski carry on the Philippine dream

» Mineski become the first SEA team to place top three in SMM's history since 2008. The team will now play Nirvana.cn in the loser's bracket finals.18


iG enter SMM Grand Finals

» Grand finalist revealed: iG enter the finals after defeating Nirvana.cn.18


iG end Philippines victory march

» After having evolved to the south-east Asian hope yesterday when LGD was sent to the lower bracket, Mineski now find themselves in the same grid quicker than expected.7

SMM update: EG officially out

» All who hoped that EG would play MiTH for a third time, or show up for their lower bracket match after all, shall be disappointed as Evil Geniuses have by now been disqualified, for missing the deadline for their next match against KS_JJ18

SMM day two video pack

» More videos have been uploaded. Make sure to check out the video of LGD's Sylar's use of tissue paper during games. 0


EG forfeits SMM

» Misery's statement inside: After last night's match against MitH, EG have decided to boycott SMM, citing disappointment with tournament organisers.99


SMM: Best of Day 2 photos

» Day 2 coverage continues. Check out last night's best fifteen shots.27

SMM Day two wrap-up

» Short summary on the playoffs and happenings on day 2. Read up if you were unable to catch our live updates. 25


Mineski crushes LGD

EG vs MUFC and LGD vs Aeon in playoffs

» The playoff bracekts are out! EG facing the Malaysian favorites while LGD takes on Singapore's Aeon.7


Chinese teams lead SMM groups on day 2

» After a heavily delayed first day, the tournament seems to actually have kicked off by now. The group stage is progressing at full speed, seeing Chinese teams strong as expected.10

SMM Day 1 video pack

» High definition Youtube videos of SMM Day 1 are now avaiable. Catch clips of DK, iG and MitH playing live as well as funny moments captured live.6


Video: Immortality talk about their game against DK

» We catch up with nDrakan, team captain form team Immortality to talk about their close game with DK. Immortality were playing against the Chinese in their round one match up.0


Video: Interview with MUFC.Sharky

MrBlue and Wtr

SMM: Best of Day 1 Photos

» Over 300 photos were taken on Day 1. Check out our top fifteen picks.18


LGD finish off EG in group H

» The first match on the SMM main stage eventually went live seeing LGD emerging victorious against EG, after an almost impatiently fast played game.22

SMM Day one off to a rough start

SMM: Groups drawn

» 37 participating teams have been drawn into 8 groups. Check out who your favourite team is about to face.77

SMM: Pots for group stage known

SMM preliminary brackets drawn


DK vs. WE


PanDa miss SMM, EG and Nirvana.cn with stand-ins

» WDC vice champion PanDarea will miss SMM due to passport issues. EG to field XiaoLuo, Nirvana.cn with Crystal, due to visa issues of PlaymatE and KingJ2


SMM 2011 - Schedule and Participating Teams

» Sparks will fly as the event goes live this Friday at 03:00 CET. Find out which teams will turn up at this year's final major DotA tournament. 63

2nd December (Friday)
03:00 CETGamers and Guest Registration
04:00 CETDotA Matches begin
04:00 CETPreliminariesBest-of-three
08:00 CETGroup Stage1st Match
Group A 1st RoundA1 vs A2
Group B 1st RoundB1 vs B2
Group C 1st RoundC1 vs C2
Group D 1st RoundD1 vs D2
Group E 1st RoundE1 vs E2
Group A 1st RoundF1 vs F2
Group G 1st RoundG1 vs G2
Group H 1st RoundH1 vs H2
Group C 9th RoundC3 vs C4
Group D 9th RoundD3 vs D4
09:30 CETGroup Stage2nd Match
Group A 2nd RoundA3 vs A5
Group B 2nd RoundB3 vs B5
Group C 2nd RoundC3 vs C5
Group D 2nd RoundD3 vs D5
Group E 2nd RoundE3 vs E5
Group A 2nd RoundF3 vs F5
Group G 2nd RoundG3 vs G5
Group H 2nd RoundH3 vs H5
Group G 3rd RoundG1 vs C4
Group H 3rd RoundH1 vs H4
11:00 CETGroup Stage3rd Match
Group A 3rd RoundA1 vs A4
Group B 3rd RoundB1 vs B4
Group C 3rd RoundC1 vs C4
Group D 3rd RoundD1 vs D4
Group A 4th RoundA2 vs A3
Group B 4th RoundB2 vs B3
Group C 4th RoundC2 vs G3
Group D 4th RoundD2 vs D3
Group E 4th RoundE2 vs C3
Group F 4th RoundF2 vs F3
12:30 CETGroup Stage4th Match
Group A 9th RoundA4 vs A5
Group B 9th RoundB4 vs B5
Group C 5th RoundC4 vs C5
Group D 5th RoundD4 vs D5
Group E5th RoundE4 vs E5
Group F 5th RoundF4 vs F5
Group G 5th RoundG1 vs G3
Group H 5th RoundH1 vs H3
Group E 6th RoundE1 vs C3
Group F 6th RoundF1 vs F3
Group G 6th RoundG1 vs G3
Group H 6th RoundH1 vs H3
13:30 CETGroup Stage5th Match
Group A 9th RoundA3 vs A4
Group B 9th RoundB3 vs B4
Group C 5th RoundC4 vs C5
Group D 5th RoundD4 vs D5
Group E 3rd RoundE1 vs E4
Group F 3rd RoundF1 vs F4
Group G 4th RoundG2 vs G3
Group H 4th RoundH2 vs H3

15:00 CETDay 1 ends
3rd December (Saturday)
03:00 CETGamers and Guest Registration
04:00 CETOpening Ceremony - Speech by Mr. Ricky Lim
05:00 CETDotA Matches begin
03:30 CETGroup Stage7th Match
Group B 9th RoundA3 vs A4
Group B 7th RoundB2 vs B4
Group C 7th RoundC2 vs C4
Group D 7th RoundD3 vs D4
Group E 7th RoundE3 vs E4
Group F 7th RoundF2 vs F4
Group G 7th RoundG2 vs G4
Group H 7th RoundH2 vs H4
Group A 6th RoundA1 vs A3
Group B 6th RoundB1 vs B3
Group C 6th RoundC1 vs C3
Group D 6th RoundD1 vs D3
05:30 CETGroup Stage8th Match
Group A 8th RoundA2 vs A5
Group B 8th RoundB2 vs B5
Group C 8th RoundC2 vs C5
Group D 8th RoundD2 vs D5
Group E 8th RoundE2 vs E5
Group F 8th RoundF2 vs F5
Group G 8th RoundG2 vs G5
Group H 8th RoundH2 vs H5
Group F 9th RoundF3 vs F4
Group G 9th RoundG3 vs G4
Group H 9th RoundH3 vs H4
07:00 CETGroup Stage10th Match
Group A 8th RoundA1 vs A5
Group B 10th RoundB1 vs B5
Group C 10th RoundC1 vs C5
Group D 10th RoundD1 vs D5
Group E 10th RoundE1 vs E5
Group F 10th RoundF1 vs F5
Group G 10th RoundG1 vs G5
Group H 10th RoundH1 vs H5
Group A 7th RoundA2 vs F4
Group E 8th RoundG3 vs G4
08:30 CETRound of 16, Upper Bracket
1st: A1 vs H2
2nd: B1 vs G2
3rd: C1 vs F2
4th: D1 vs E2
6th: F2 vs C1
1st: A1 vs H2
7th: G1 vs B2
8th: H1 vs A2
09:00 CETRound of 16, Winner Bracket
Total 8 matchWinner and Loser bracket top 8 - A
11:45 CETPlayoffs
Total 8 matchWinner bracket top 4 and Loser bracket top 8 - B
11:45 CETPlayoffs
Total 8 matchWinner bracket top 4 and Loser bracket top 8 - B
13:00 CETPlayoffs
Total 8 matchLoser bracket top 4 - A

15:00 CETDay 2 ends
4th December (Sunday)
03:00 CETGamers and Guest Registration
04:00 CETDotA Matches begin
03:15 CETPlayoffs
1st:7th-8th place decider
2nd:Loser bracket top 4 - B
3rd:Winner bracket final
04:30 CETPlayoffs
1st:5th-6th place decider
2nd:Loser bracket semi final
06:00 CETPlayoffs
1st:Loser bracket final
07:15 CETPlayoffs
1st:Grand Final

10:30 CETClosing Ceremony and Prize Giving


Group A
Group B
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
Malaysia MUFC309Malaysia Kingsurf-JJ319
Singapore Aeon216Thailand MiTH.Trust319
Philippines The.Net.Com123Malaysia Orange 2319
Malaysia Plainwater030Malaysia Typhon.Sierra133
Other ----000Brunei RedSpade040
Group CGroup D
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
Malaysia MSPR319China Nirvana.cn309
Indonesia Velocy Hyper319Thailand Neolution216
Indonesia XT319Malaysia Blaze City123
Malaysia PSK133Singapore PMS.Asterisk030
Malaysia Yeah040Other -----000
Group EGroup F
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
China iG309China DK4012
myanmar.png G7226Singapore Immortality319
Malaysia FTZ226Malaysia KDR20226
Thailand iDeal226Malaysia V6133
Malaysia Sino030Other Typhon.int040
Group GGroup H
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
Philippines Mineski4012China LGD4012
Malaysia Orange319United States EG319
Singapore AMG[FaZe]226Malaysia Invasion-Red226
Malaysia Leap OC133Malaysia GNA133
Malaysia Skeptical040Singapore Aye040

Winner Bracket
1st Round
2nd Round
3rd Round
WB Final

Malaysia MUFC
United States EG

Thailand MiTH
Malaysia Orange

Malaysia MSPR
Singapore Immortality

China Nirvana

China iG
Thailand Neolution

China DK
Indonesia Velocy

Philippines Mineski
Malaysia Ks-JJ

China LGD
Singapore Aeon

United States EG
Thailand MiTH

Malaysia MSPR
China Nirvana

China iG
China DK

Philippines Mineski
China LGD

Thailand MiTH
China Nirvana

China iG
Philippines Mineski

China Nirvana
China iG

China iG
China Nirvana
Lower Bracket
LB Final

Malaysia Orange
Malaysia MUFC

Singapore Immo.

Indonesia Velocy
Thailand Neol.

Singapore Aeon
Malaysia KS-JJ

China LGD
Malaysia MUFC

China DK

Malaysia MSPR
Thailand Neol.

United States EG
Malaysia KS-JJ

China LGD
China DK

Malaysia MSPR
Malaysia KS-JJ

Philippines Mineski
China LGD

Thailand MiTH
Malaysia MSPR

Philippines Mineski
Thailand MiTH

China Nirvana
Philippines Mineski

Photo Album


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