ROCCAT GosuCup#4

ROCCAT GosuCup #4: The Playoffs

» With the completion of the group stage, whose finish-line was reached this weekend, we present playoffs as concluding phase of this tournament In this stage, American and South-East Asian teams will determine a winner of their region, before uniting with the Europeans for the final showdown.

GosuCup "punting" contest winner

» The match between Orange.DotA and ReD has been played and boy, was that an exciting game With the game brought to a conclusion, so too has the GosuCup "punting" contest.

ROCCAT GosuCup #4: OSI, .exe, PANZER and CC qualify for groupstage

» With slight delay, we present you the winners of the second GosuCup #2 qualifierOSI, .exe, PANZER and CC will proceed to play the groupstage, starting on the 26th of September.
rmN speaks out after passing GosuCup qualifier
» We interviewed Roman 'rmN' Paley after his new team PANZER successfully qualified for the GosuCup #4 groupstage two days ago. In the chat, he shares the experiences he made with GGnet while playing stand-in, as well as details around his personal development as a player.
neNo- interviewed about .exe and German DotA
» As the second European qualifier on wednesday revealed, several members of the previously successful Competo have joined forces to compete on a high level again. We spoke with Angelo 'neNo-' Caula Gonzales about his new team, the time in OK.Nirvana.in and German DotA in the following interview.

EU Qualifier #1: Monkeybusiness, Virus, GC and S4M enter groupstage

» The first qualifier of the newest GosuGamers tournament just came to a close and has seen a colorful mixture of European high-caliber teams advancing. Gamescom attenders Virus and monkeybusiness (formerly known as nevo), alongside Macedonian flagship team Global Challengers and newcomer S4M join the top 32 of the tournament12

Presenting $2,500 ROCCAT DotA GosuCup #4

» After a hiatus of almost five months, GosuGamers is glad to report back with another DotA tournament. Yet again, German gaming manufacturer ROCCAT agreed to mobilize the prize money for this event, a fortunate circumstance for which we would like to thank the group wholeheartedly.

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