Deadly group stage in upcoming WEM

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand 6 years, 28 weeks ago

Superstars WhO, Grubby, Moon and Sky are all in the same group when the World Esports Masters make way.

The well-known organization World Esports Games launches the World Esports Masters on October 26. With a 33,000 USD prize pool to be collected and eight WarCraft stars, it bodes for a smashing event. has published the group stage drawing, as well as the schedule for the event. Both groups have stiff competition, as we find the ESWC champion WhO, ESWC Masters winner Moon, Extreme Masters champ Lyn and the KODE5 winner Infi among the participants.

World Esports Masters Groups
Group AGroup B
China WE.Pepsi.Infi China WE.Pepsi.Sky
Korea SK.Lyn Netherlands MYM]Grubby
France GG.ToD Korea mTw.AMD.WhO
Ukraine GG.HoT Korea MYM]Moon

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