Your 'Yane'king My Chain!

Posted by Andrew "cannon00" Chen at 04 June 2008 17:21

Gravitas Gaming escapes 4-3 after a surprising outburst by Yane of BenQ DELTAeSPORTS.COM.

Russia Gravitas 4:3 Poland BenQ DELTAeSPORTS.COM
HoT1:0 BooTurtle Rock
HoT1:0 AxslavLost Temple
HoT0:1 YaneSecret Valley
Rob0:1 YaneLost Temple
HoT1:0 YaneEcho Isles
HoT0:1 YaneGnoll Wood
TitaN1:0 YaneTwisted Medows

HoT v. Boo
HoT and Boo enact a miniature comedy of errors. Hot commits a mircomanagement faux pa by losing his Beastmaster to creeps. But HoT's error becomes negligible as he trounces Boo through macro-management. Boo puts on his version of the movie "Brewster's Millions;" His unspent gold reaches 2400 at one point, and ~1700 when he calls GG.

HoT v. Axslav
HoT outruns Axslav in a 47-minute marathon on lost temple. The players cross-spawn and expand quickly. However, HoT slowly lives up to his namesake; His level 8 Demon Hunter and level 7 Keeper of the Grove are too 'HoT' to handle. Axslav survives the gutting of his main base, but is eventually starved to death, after HoT systematically destroys expansion after expansion.

HoT v. Yane
And in the blink of an eye (12 minutes and 5 seconds) Yane eliminates the Ukrainian virtuoso. Yane's flawless micromanagement is ridiculously efficient:

(1) 4 Panda kills;

(2) 1 Dark Ranger kill and; (the best part. . .)

(3) 1 creep agro by a single acolyte to destroy a Tree of Life!

With 5 hero kills in 5 minutes, Yane forces a GG to make the score 2-1. (Yane's first hero kill was ~ at the 7:00 minute mark)

Rob v. Yane
Yane continues his rampage by dominating Rob on lost temple. Temple is notoriously bad for the undead in a Scourge v. Horde matchup, but Yane decides to flout popular sentiment. He gambles with an early expansion @ 3:02 and assassinates Rob's Blademaster exactly one minute later. By the time Rob's Blademaster arrives again, Yane's expansion has matured into a five-building outpost, replete with base defenses. The expansion allows Yane to quickly accelerate to 80 food and decimate Rob's no-upkeep army.

HoT(revived) v. Yane
Echo Isles is not a large map. When Yane kills a scout wisp on route to creep his expansion, HoT moves in for the creep-jack. In a gutsy move, Yane opts not to cancel his gold mine during the ensuing melee. However, his decision soon proves fatal. HoT systematically dismantles the expansion's defenses to force a GG.

HoT v. Yane(revived)
The revived Yane opens on Gnoll Wood by expanding. However, unlike his expansion on Echo Isles, this one stays up. After "the battle of Yane's expansion," both players settle in for an extended fight. Yane adopts a modified "ghouls and gargs" strategy while HoT opts for a more unique approach: mass archers and master talons. HoT's strategy is only somewhat effective, and Yane takes a second expansion. As HoT lays seige to Yane's 2nd expansion, he overplays a push; loses both heroes to coil/nova; and finally calls GG.

TitaN v. Yane
In the final game, both players begin by harassing each other's base. Yane's base micro is stellar; Titan fails to kill anything in Yane's base. However, although Yane suffers no casualties, his ghoul army is severely wounded. With Yane's army temporarily out of action, TitaN creeps his mercenary camp with minimal opposition. Next, TitaN decides to creep his expansion under light base harassment from Yane; TitaN's losses are minimal and he grows a new Tree of Life. When Yane's full army arrives to challenge TitaN's expansion, TitaN wins in a decisive rout. The resulting sequence affords TitaN a huge army advantage from which Yane never really recovers. TitaN defeats Yane to bring the final score to 4-3.

Yane and the rest of BenQ DELTAeSPORTS.COM will face off against Meet Your Makers on the next NGL-ONE playday, while 1st ranked Gravitas will face off against D-Link PGS. Best of luck to both teams!

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