FuRy and LiiLD.C qualifies for ESWC DreamHack

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 17 May 2008 19:32

The PGS players did not disappoint, as they snagged the Top 2 positions at the ESWC qualifier at Inferno Online.

After a cruel group stage, we saw a playoff with FuRy, LiiLD.C, EfFeCt and SjoW. Coming out on top in their respective group, FuRy and LiiLD.C avoided each other in the semis, to finally go at it in the final. SjoW, who performed impressively in the group stage, had to bow down to FuRy in the semi final, going home empty handed. The second semi final featured LiiLD.C and EfFect, in a match that ended fairly quick in favor for the Night Elf player Daniel "LiiLD.C" Claesson.

The final between LiiLD.C and FuRy was never played, as LiiLD.C forfeited the match. This means that FuRy will be seeded third in the ESWC DreamHack Final, and LiiLD.C in fourth place.

Four spots remain for the national ESWC final at DreamHack. Two online qualifiers will determine the final four. Qualified already were Whooly and Vanilla.

For full group stage scores and playoff scores, enter the link below.

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