Extreme Masters II Drawings of the Relegation

Posted by Jasper "Cr1stal" Keijzer at 08 February 2008 22:27

The drawings for the Extreme Masters II Relegation has been done today at the Intel Friday Night Game in Cologne.

[s]event_292[/s] Before the Intel Extreme Masters Finals II can start the Group Stage second placed participant have to play a third placed participant from another group to decide who gets a spot in the finals.

These finals will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 8th and 9th of March at CeBIT 2008. Here, the winner will take home $ 20,000 where the second placed Warcraft 3 player will have to be satisfied with $ 10,000.

After clearing the group stages tonight, with a 2:0 victory of MYM's Grubby over fire_de, the drawings of the finals has been done today by Extreme Masters admin Sebastian "Baschi" Weishaar. This resulted in the following match-ups :

IEM II Relegation Matches
Germany HasuObs
Germany fire_de
Denmark Ciara
Poland Paladyn
Ukraine HoT
Belarus NightWOlf
Germany Protois
France ToD

Stay tuned at for the Relegation Matches of the Intel Extreme Masters Finals II.


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