WCG 2007 Group Drawings

Posted by Rasmus "carnifex" Frost at 05 September 2007 14:16

The World Cyber Games are about to start in about one month in Seattle, United States. Today the group drawings took place, a pretty important moment for all participants.

The World Cyber Games take place in Seattle, USA, from 3rd to 8th of October and are seen as one of the most important WarCraft 3 and StarCraft tournaments ever. Thousands of dollars prize money and a lot of fame await the first ranked players and so everyone will be proud and thrilled to be allowed to play at WCG. One month to go, but the first important step has been done: The group drawings.

"Do I have a hard or easy group?", "Will I have many bad matchups during groupstage?" might be some questions players might ask themselves before the drawing, afterwards they will know. There are hard groups and easy groups every year, and almost nobody wishes to get a hard one.

The toughest group in StarCraft this year might be group H, with Mondragon, Testie and sAviOr aswell as ReasoN and the quite unknown player ChingizKhan. In WarCraft 3 group D looks quite interesting with Lyc from China, the first ranked player from Denmark and Croatia (national finals still have to be played) aswell as the Korean superstars Lyn and SoJu.

WarCraft 3 Groups A-D

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Australia Kowi
France France 1
Slovenia Slovenia 1
Lithuania Lose
United States USA 1
Malaysia Malaysia 1
Argentina Argentina 1
China Lyc
Ukraine Hot
Portugal Portugal 1
Italy Italy 1
Jamaica Jamaica 1
Luxembourg Clad_p2xv
Korea Moon
Peru Peru 1
Mexico Diego Echeagaray
Russia Xyligan
Hungary DNA
Switzerland Switzerland
Denmark Denmark 1
Belarus Aliaksandr Dramkou
Slovenia Ghost
mq.gif Martinique 1
Croatia Croatia 1
Ukraine Sonik
Poland Terror
Germany Xlord
Korea Lyn
Korea Soju
WarCraft 3 Groups E-H

Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H

Finland Konna
Bulgaria Sauron
Ecuador Jose Cruz
India India 1
Sweden SaSe
Brazil Myst
Canada apm
Netherlands Grubby
Austria Austria 1
gp.gif Guadalupe
Poland slh
Barbados Barbados 1
Germany Protois
Thailand Chanin Tingruttana
Norway Creolophus
Czech Republic Giacomo
Philippines Tristan Solee
Uzbekistan Nartaen Elmurod
Vietnam Vietnam 1
United Kingdom Demuslim
Taiwan Yong Shang Liang
yu.gif HDx.Mickey
Kazakstan Kazakstan 1
Taiwan Nicholas Li
Italy Italy 2
China Sky
Russia Swift
Australia Moon-Glade
China Fly100%


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