GosuGamers Rankings May

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand 5 years, 51 weeks ago
Lyn storms to the top after his outstanding performance in ESWC Masters of Cheonan.
Coming in second is the ESWC winner himself, LucifroN, with only 25 points less than his Orc successor.

ReMinD boosted himself up to the third rank, after ending second in the Korean ESWC Cheonan qualifier, as well as a win in last weekend's ZOTAC Cup. Question remains when an organization with enough money will sign the Korean Night Elf player.

We also see Fly100% making a rampant return to the top. With 11 positions climbed since last month the Chinese Orc from Mousesports is the second best ranked Chinese player, only one position below the sturdy Undead player TeD.

It is apparent that Korea takes over more and more. With 14 players of 30 in the rankings being Korean - and a continued front-runner position - China, former Mekkah of WarCraft 3, is on the drawback with only 8. After that it is a tight race with Sweden and Russia as third, and from there single nationalities fill up the remaining spots.

GosuGamers Rankings Top 30 05
#1 South Korea Lyn (June Park)
1551green.gif +11
#2 Spain LucifroN (Pedro Moreno Durán)
1526green.gif +5
#3 South Korea ReMinD (Kim Sung Sik)

1462green.gif +24
#4 Netherlands Grubby (Manuel Schenkhuizen)
1423red.gif -1
#5 China TeD (Zhuo Zeng)
World Elite
1420green.gif +3
#6 China Fly100% (Wei Liang Lu)
1418green.gif +11
#7 France ToD (Yoan Merlo)

1417red.gif -3
#8 Russia Happy (Dmitriy Kostin)
1413green.gif +1
#9 South Korea Moon (Jang JaeHo)
WeMade Fox
1409red.gif -3
#10 China TH000 (Huang Xiang)
1406green.gif +1
#11 South Korea Check (Hyeong Ju Lee)
1400red.gif -1
#12 South Korea FoCuS (Eom Hyo Sub)
1388green.gif +12
#13 South Korea Space (Seung Hyun Park)
1367green.gif +5
#14 South Korea WhO (Du Sub Jang)
1364green.gif +1
#15 South Korea Soccer (Duck Man Youn)

1362red.gif -2
#16 South Korea FoV (Dae Hui Cho)
1359red.gif -1
#17 South Korea ReiGn (Seo Woo Kang)

1348red.gif -15
#18 China Sky (Xiaofeng Li)
World Elite
1346red.gif -17
#19 Sweden LiiLD.C (Daniel Claesson)
1320red.gif -5
#20 China Infi (Xuwen Wang)
World Elite
1314red.gif -15
#21 South Korea Soju (Lee Sung Duk)

1313red.gif -5
#22 China suhO (Hao Su)
World Elite
1312red.gif -3
#23 Ukraine HoT (Mykhaylo Novopashyn)

1300red.gif -3
#24 Sweden DowaQ (Hjalmar Högberg)
Serious Gaming
1283green.gif +6
#25 South Korea WinNers (Jin Woo Kim)

1277green.gif +4
#26 China Like (Kejing Li)
World Elite
1273green.gif +2
#27 China Sai (Chenglong Zhou)

1263green.gif NEW!
#28 South Korea Shy (Park Chul Woo)
1249red.gif -7
#29 South Korea Reprisal (Jong-Seok Lee)
All For One
1246green.gif NEW!
#30 Russia Sting (Yuri Sheremetov)
1227red.gif -7

Detailed statistics
Team ranking Country ranking Race ranking
China World Elite 5 Korea Korea 14 Night Elf 11
Korea Wicked 3 China China 8 Orc 8
Germany Mousesports 3 Sweden Sweden 2 Undead 6
Germany nGize 2 Russia Russia 2 Human 5
United States Evil Geniuses 2 Spain Spain 1
Europe SK-Gaming 1 France France 1
Germany mTw 1 Netherlands Netherlands 1
Netherlands Serious Gaming 1 Ukraine Ukraine 1
Korea All For One 1
Germany Raptor Gaming 1
Russia Bin-game 1
Korea WeMade Fox 1
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