Team Profile - Counter Logic Gaming LoL

Tag: CLG-LoL
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Clan: Counter Logic Gaming LoL
Game: LoL Members: 7

Team Roster


Name: Peter Peng
Age: 20 (July 19, 1993)


Name: Austin Shin
Age: (unknown)


Name: Zack Malhas
Age: 19 (July 1, 1994)


Name: Zacqueri Black
Age: 21 (September 8, 1992)


Name: Marcel Feldkamp
Age: (unknown)


Name: George Georgallidis
Age: 23 (June 23, 1990)


Name: Steve Chau
Age: 23 (June 6, 1990)



Counter Logic Gaming is an North American eSports organization that was founded in April 2010 by George Goeorgallidas.  "HotShotGG", in addition to having formed his own team, has a European counter part called "CLG EU."

In addition to being the eldest lasting League of Legends team that is still relevant, CLG also won 1st place at WCG 2010, being the first major tournament victor on a wide scale. CLG was the first to answer the call to Korea and train in Korea, where they learned a lot and had a big lead on the teams.

This isn't the only point in time where they'd have a gigantic lead, though, as when LoL progaming originated, Counter Logic Gaming's skill level and teamwork was so far ahead of that of competitors that the most efficient tactic was to not practice against any other teams so they couldn't catch up or learn from them.  This strategy wouldn't last for long as others would quickly be on par or surpass CLG Prime.  

Though arguably a contender for the #1 team in North America, the constant roster changes leave the team inconsistent and hoping to find a steady roster to maintain a high skill cap and keep up with the Korean teams once again.


=1st Newegg Winter Wanfest 2010

= 1st NESL Premier Season 1

= 1st NESL Premier Season 2

= 3rd GIGABYTE Esports LAN

= 1st National ESL Pro Series Seaosn 4

= 1st WCG 2010 - Grand Finals

= 5th DreamHack 2011 -S1 Championship

= 1st IEM VI - Cologne

= 1st MLG 2011 Raleigh

= 2nd IEM VI - Guangzhou

= 3rd IPL 3 - Atlantic City

= 4th IEM VI - New York

= 3rd WCG 2011 - Grand Finals

= 3rd IEM VI - World Championship

= 2nd IPL 4 - Las Vegas

= 5th-8th Azubu The Champions Spring 2012

= 3rd Riot S2 NA Regionals

= 9th-10th Riot S2 World Championship

= 4th 2012 MLG Fall Championship