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Terran vs DarkCell

Posted by Icicle
Accepted by GoDZeuS
Added 4 years, 31 weeks ago
Event Razer Gosucup Qualifier #2
Map Metalopolis
Patch 1.16
Player one Terran
Player two DarkCell
Display winner

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Terran has taken 2/3 matches in a row in this semi final round. Will he be able to go for a hat trick?

Risky play as double barracks and a bunker in front of DarkCell's base delays his expansion. But then Darkcell shows Terran he can't be contained and goes double expo right off the bat!

Terran shows he's no slouch and grabs the gold mineral line and pushes onward with tanks and marines, but Darkcell has mass zerglins and banelings.

The conclusion of this epic matchup you have to see it to believe it.


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