Jaedong, Life, HerO form the Assembly Winter group of death

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 11 weeks, 19 hours ago

As the foreigners at Assembly are thinning out, some of the best Koreans found themselves sharing a group of death. Three of the tournament favorites are stacked in Group B and only two of them can advance.

Only four foreigners in total made it to the Ro16 of Assembly Winter as the tournament is close to becoming an all-Korean affair. SortOf and Snute will share a group with ForGG and San, Welmu is in a Zerg-less group with Patience, Apocalypse and Alicia while Krass has drawn a tall order in StarDust, Dear and Taeja. 

The Ro16 is played as we speak and the results below will update with every resulted match.

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