Jaedong, Life, HerO form the Assembly Winter group of death

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 24 weeks, 5 days ago

As the foreigners at Assembly are thinning out, some of the best Koreans found themselves sharing a group of death. Three of the tournament favorites are stacked in Group B and only two of them can advance.

Only four foreigners in total made it to the Ro16 of Assembly Winter as the tournament is close to becoming an all-Korean affair. SortOf and Snute will share a group with ForGG and San, Welmu is in a Zerg-less group with Patience, Apocalypse and Alicia while Krass has drawn a tall order in StarDust, Dear and Taeja. 

The Ro16 is played as we speak and the results below will update with every resulted match.

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