BroodWar legends Yellow, JangBi, Pusan and more gather for Gom Classic S4

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 30 weeks, 1 day ago

The last BW OSL champion JangBi returns to BroodWar for the Gom Classic 4

Eight BroodWar icons wil gather on February 16th to bring a blast from the past - the fourth season of GomTV's Classic BroodWar tournament. Sea, Shuttle, Hiya, Zero and Movie will join the aforementioned three.

The tournament was announced earlier today when GomTV revealed their itinerary for 2014. Among the WCS schedule and the plans for a GSL World Championship, the faces of Yellow, Sea and JangBi were showed promoting the fourth season of the Gom Classic.

The new edition will continue the old tradition of GomTV BroodWar tournaments that started in 2008 but was discontinued next year as Gom prepared themselves to venture into StarCraft 2. The franchise features an impressive line of champions in Jaedong, Bisu and Flash (in that order), none of whom will return for the fourth season.

There's scarce information about the tournament still and whether this will be a one-off or a continuous endeavor. Format-wise, the eight players are likely to go through a solitary single elimination bracket to determine the winner.

Fighting Spirit and Tau Cross have been selected as two of the five maps for the pool. The other three will be voted by the community among which include Into the Darkness, Lune, Nostalgia, Requiem, Python and Blue Storm.

Source: GomTV

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