Scarlett blanks Major to win the $3,000 of GameOn Invitational

StarCraft 2 News by Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev 01:28 AM on 28 Jan 2014

Acer's Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn cements her spot as the top North American player as she sweeps MLG's GameOn Invitational, dropping just one map during the playoffs. Scarlett 4-0'd Major in the grand finals, leaving the Mexican the humble $1,000.

Considered among the best foreigners of 2013, Scarlett entered the tournament as the favorite but on a couple of occassions the Acer's Zerg was close to elimination. A loss to Illusion in the Ro16 group stage made her come back through iNcontrol in the losers match and Illusion again in the decider to move on. She opened her Ro8 group with a loss, too, falling 0-2 to Kane but managing to recover with a 2-0 against qxc and 2-1 against Suppy in the next two matches.

This was enough to qualify Scarlett for the top four playoffs and once there, the Zerg queen did not miss a beat. The decisive 3-1 against Mingiun in the semi-finals was but a prelude to the 4-0 slaughter of Major in the grand final, which crowned Hostyn the first MLG champion for 2014.

StarCraft 2 will return to MLG for another event this year, travelling to the Anaheim Championship in June.

Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

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  • john "br1x" remitar ,
    I love You Scarlett ! :D
  • ton "tonzky" tagata ,
    she should get a nice hair hot-oil and re-bonding :D jst saying. hehehe
  • Maxim "max1c" Prokopenko ,
    What a cute boy.
  • Atriokke "atriokke" Atriokke ,
    I hung in there for the group stages at the edge of the seat. And the gameplay in the playoffs were almost flawless for a deserved 1st place =D Queen of Blades still reigns strong :D