StarCraft 2 rankings: September media poll

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 3 years, 5 weeks ago

At the end of last month, several representatives of the media - GosuGamers included - gave their votes to determine the current top 25 StarCraft 2 players. Taeja, MC and Mvp are in the top three, closely followed by Seed.

Conducted by ESFI World's David Schmidt, the survey will aim to monthly pinpoint the best players in the world based on media members' votes. representatives took part in the survey:

Radoslav Kolev "Nydra", Senior Editor at GosuGamers
Ethan Ahn "Judah", Manager at LevelTory
Dan Chou "Frodan", Broadcaster at NASL
David Kugelmann, IEM Head admin
Brent Ruiz, ESFI Editor-in-chief
Wolf Schröder "ProxyWolf", Broadcaster at GOMTV
Patrick Soulliere II "ESV Diamond", ESV TV CEO
Kwanghee Woo "WaxAngel", TeamLiquid Editor-in-chief

1Korea Liquid`Taeja193N/A
2Korea SK.MC179N/A
3Korea LG-IM.Mvp177N/A
4Korea LG-IM.Seed173N/A
5Korea MVP.DongRaeGu129N/A
6Korea StarTale_Squirtle125N/A
7Poland Acer.Nerchio118N/A
8France Stephano109N/A
9Korea CreatorPrime101N/A
10Korea AZUBU.Violet101N/A
11Korea StarTale_Parting83N/A
12Korea Liquid`HerO82N/A
13Korea TSL_Symbol77N/A
14Korea MarineKingPrime75N/A
15Korea FXO.Leenock73N/A
16Korea SlayerS_Alicia57N/A
17Korea mTw.Supernova57N/A
18Korea StarTale_Bomber45N/A
19Sweden Naniwa44N/A
20Korea LG-IM.NesTea40N/A
21Korea ByuNPrime37N/A
22Spain K3.Vortix36N/A
23Korea SlayerS_MMA34N/A
24Korea TSL_Polt34N/A
25Korea StarTale_Curious31N/A

Others receiving votes:

FXO.GuMiho 30
SKT-T1.Rain 28
StarTale.Life 27
Mouz.MaNa 22
LG-IM.First 21
Fnatic.Oz 21
Grubby 20
Samsung-KHAN.RorO 20
LG-IM.YongHwa 14
WesternWolves.SortOf 13
MVP.Keen 12
EG.ThorZaIN 12
Millenium.ForGG 11
SlayerS.Genius 11
Samsung-KHAN.Reality 10
Empire.Kas 9
EG.PuMa 9
NSH.jjakji 8
SlayerS.Puzzle 8
Sting 8
Fnatic.aLive 7
SlayerS.Ryung 7
CJEntus.EffOrt 6
CJEntus.herO 6
Acer.Scarlett 6
SKT-T1.FanTaSy 4
Prime.BBoongBBoong 3
Liquid.Ret 3
TeamGamersLeague.Snute 3
Team8.Jaedong 2
Fnatic.Moon 2 2
Quantic.Sase 1
MVP.Sniper 1

Source: ESFI WorldS