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SlayerS vs MVP


Rank: #15 (1,053 pts)

Country: South Korea South Korea

Clan: Team SlayerS

44 % 56
612 779
9 bets 9


Rank: #1 (1,266 pts)

Country: South Korea South Korea

Clan: MVP


Amount of bets: 18 ( 1,390)
Event: » Global SC2 League 2012 GSTL
Best of: 9
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 22, 2012 at 11:10
Posted by: Passenger

Match description

Global SC2 League 2012 - GSTL Season 2 Ro8 Group A

Korea SlayerS 4:5 MVP Korea
Player vs Player map
Miya < Sniper @ Daybreak
Crank < Sniper @ Metropolis
JYP < Sniper @ Entombed Valley
CoCa > Sniper @ Atlantis Spaceship
CoCa < Lure @ Ohana
Puzzle > Lure @ Whirlwind
Puzzle > sC @ Cloud Kingdom
Puzzle > Finale @ Muspelheim
Puzzle < DongRaeGu @ Antiga Shipyard

Comments (Closed)

Israelofirme21 4 years, 5 weeks ago
again puzzle help slayers LIKE ALWAYS... WHY MMA didnt play? .
AustraliaRegime 4 years, 4 weeks ago
#1 bcos its a team league if mma was to play every game no1 else would get any real big time experience and u have to think about which player can snipe who better. as wolf and tasteless talked about last night IM just seem to send out there players from middle tier first to nestea and mvp last which wasnt really working to well. GSTL is a lot more in depth thinking then just code S ballers.