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mouz vs CLG


Rank: #14 (1,324 pts)

Country: Germany Germany

Clan: mousesports

16 % 84
4266 22393
68 bets 114


Rank: -

Country: Sweden Sweden

Clan: Counter Logic


Amount of bets: 182 ( 26,658)
Event: » The GD Studio Arena
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: April 17, 2012 at 18:00
Posted by: ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr

Match description

The GD Studio Arena Final


Comments (Closed)

GermanyHighfive 4 years, 6 weeks ago
its not quantic, mouz won
SwedenP12 4 years, 6 weeks ago
MOUZ VS CLG, KuroKy vs Pajkatt, epic!
TurkeyDarkwish_inc 4 years, 6 weeks ago
Kuroky wont be playing.
Germanydeleted-153305 4 years, 6 weeks ago
what a shitty time for the match :/
GreeceBeyondWonderland 4 years, 6 weeks ago
If CLG vs EG goes to 3rd game,that will finish toooooooooooo late.
GermanyTerno 4 years, 6 weeks ago
Albaniatwista 4 years, 6 weeks ago
game pp to tuesday at 18.00, kuro will be playing
Russian FederationTaYeM 4 years, 6 weeks ago
rly gr8 to see kuro back in action happy.gif
United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 4 years, 6 weeks ago
Would be awesome if he is going to join the team.
BrazilToco_ 4 years, 5 weeks ago
i'm not understanding shit

so mouz now is twista fire kuroky sing sing and bamboe?

this I got from the match against mtw, and that pinoy guy said trixi rexi and dement got kicked?

and kky? will be playing for them?

and I'm traying to download de vod of synderen but own3d is so much shit that I can't find it
if it was twitch I doubt it wouldn't have
Indonesiaxvanhite 4 years, 5 weeks ago
All in CLG!! ez for loda n pajkatt wink.gif
GermanyHighfive 4 years, 5 weeks ago
dont draft like shit again twista , like u did against mtw kk thx :) you can do better bro, you know it :b

my 2 favourite teams against each other :b regardless who wins ill be happy, thats awesome :)

hope kuroky joins mouz as full member , but mouz aint navi , so lets see :b
Romaniatazmaster 4 years, 5 weeks ago
Looking forward to watch this, but i don't like the mouz lineup change thou ... i'm gona go for CLG this game
Bulgariadyfs 4 years, 5 weeks ago
Lets go sexy and rexi :) Good Luck !!!
Indonesiasherleantz 4 years, 5 weeks ago
Loda and Pajkatt KillThemAll....
PolandOzz 4 years, 5 weeks ago
easy for mouz! santa.gif
FinlandMatti93 4 years, 5 weeks ago
Romaniaxqqq 4 years, 5 weeks ago
so for mouz is twista kky and fire + singsing and bamboe

is 687 loda ?
RomaniaDeejay 4 years, 5 weeks ago

Judging from the picture YES.
Indonesiabekantantua 4 years, 5 weeks ago
whats up with duo finnish + dement?
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