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Ministry of Win community questions

As we'll be live on site for the Battle at Ministry of Win, this is your chance to kindly "attack" all the pros that will be there with your questions. Our on-spot reporter Albert "TheRacistDragon" Palka will then make sure they are delivered on time, not unlike a good-heart and not-at-all racist Santa Claus.

Leave all your questions in the comments and we'll tend to them 24/7!


Sunday, September 2nd

18:20 CET What's that? That's right, friends, those are the photos from the third and final day of Battle at Ministry of Win, once again thanks to Pawel Siwak!

13:31 CET We have amazing semi-finals with Snute and Sage playing against each other. You have to watch it! Later Nerchio plays against Kr.

13:10 CET Our reporter at the Ministry of Win is f****g tireless, bringing you three more audio interviews with Krr, Toto and Wilko!

12:30 CET Games are sick. After some initial problems everything is up and running. There will be a live house tour on the English stream anytime soon hosted by me, so keep watching.
Saturday, September 1st

23:00 CET The promised interview with Snute is here. 20 minutes one on one with Mr. Aasgaard!

21:00 CET There's a loooooooooooong interview with Snute coming up as soon as we're done rendering/uploading. Hold on for some minutes and check back here to find what the Norwegian zerg has to say!

19:20 CET We have some more photos for you guys, these ones coming straight from Day 2 at the Ministry of Win. Looks like it's more playing and less cosplaying today ;)

18:49 CET Not much is happening right now; those who play in Group Stage 2 either help casters or practice. In the backyard there is chess and ping pong tournament happening as I write this. Interviews / pics are slowly being uploaded.

17:00 CET Group Stage 2 is about to begin. Current groups can be found here

13:20 CET We're almost done with first group stage with Ixion vs Uzer as the last match before a longer break during which there will be some showmatches. GosuGamers is working on getting an exclusive replay pack. Stay tuned.

11:12 CET Streams are up and running! Day 2 is live! Ixion vs Matiz.

10:06 CET Games are going to start around noon. We have a small delay.

8:07 CET So I woke up, besides me there's apparently only one person at Mow that can sleep less than 5 hours and be ready to work. Big shoutouts to Yegwen! Anyway, today there should be much more interviews (maybe even more videos!) and much more updates; however, in a place like this you never know. Get ready for Day 2 here at Battle at Ministry of Win: get outPlayed.

Friday, August 31st

21:02 Guys Day 1 is over. Thanks for reading and hopefully watching the streams. Day 2 starts tomorrow at 10:00 CET. Also, if you're in Warsaw feel free to join us at MoW House to watch games live! Good night.

19:36 CET More pictures and movies are on their way, but for now I present you a short interview with Matiz, coach at MoW.

Matiz, it's been 3 months since you've officially opened Ministry of Win. How do you find yourself as the main coach, are there any goals in particular that you want to achieve.

I fully understand that Starcraft 2 is built around strategies and builds. At this point, as a spectator rather than a player, I don't have any possibility to improve player's APM, but I can help them in ehnacing their decision-making process for example, but still my main focus right now is to prepare a good sert of builds that can be used by our residents in the future; so far so good. Currently we have database with around 50 different strategies that are distributed among our players once they join Ministry of Win. Some of them are created by me in co-operation with the players, but most of them are used by the GSL players for example.

First big test for MoW was during last DreamHack. You've definitely passed that one. How do you rate their performance?

Our main focus with Cytoplasm at that time was to pare him for his match against ThorZain where he used one of our own builds. He won with it against PuMa later on. Snute using some parts of our original strats qualified for the IPL 5. He told me later that without us it wouldn't happen; however, it don't want to say it's all because of our amazing builds because MoW in general is an amazing place for players to stay and polish their skills. They play custom games against each other, discuss games etc. I'm really proud of them.

MLG was their second big tournamet soon after they left MoW. In your opinion, did they do well?

They did well especially taking into consideration how stressed they were due to the fact that MLG is on a completely different skill level compare to most of their past events.

Currently more good players have arrived to Ministry of Win. How you as a coach can improve their already high level of skill?

With Ret, for example, the problem is not his skills, but the amount of practice. He plays for 2/3 hours a day, which obviously at some point is just not enough. Here at Ministry of Win we want to introduce him to more busy practice schedule. Also, because we get more and more international known players we can finally focus more on custom games rather than ladder play - before it was impossible due to different skill gap. We want to get as close as possible to the real pro-house environement.

Besides being a coach at MoW you are also playing in the tournament. Which place do you expect to take?

I would be much more confident in my play if I had more time to practice, but at this point in time I want to reach TOP8; that's my goal. I have 1 terran and 1 zerg in my group, but because my ZvT is fairly strong I think that I will definitely advance from my group. I will fight against Uzer for the first place in group.

And how do you feel about the open invitation for the 3 players with best application?

It helped us immensly both as a godd marketing move and because we've started to reaceive dozens of applications from different players who are willing to join Ministry of Win and practice. Our ultimate goal is to have the best players live and practice at our house, so that we can have a rivalary with Korea.

Do you have a set of rules and regulations towards accepting new players at MoW?

There are no strict rules set by MoW concerning players applications, but we want to see their potential, want to know how they work in a group environement and have high master account.

18:14 CET I, the on-site reporter, want to report that currently players are having a few drinks and chill waiting for their upcoming games. Currently Ret is playing against 3 Poles in his group so be sure to follow our stream. Also, more photos are available at MoW's facebook Smexy picks here! Pictures taken by Pawel Siwak the most amazing person in Polish esports period! He saved my day.

17:45 CET
Our on-site reporter from the Ministry of Win sat down with Liquid`s own Jos "Ret" de Kroon to find out how has he been feeling living in the Polish pro-house.

Oh, and once that's out in the clear, let's just sit back and enjoy some high-class APM from the protoss machine Sage.

16:47 CET We're taking another break waiting for Fuzer, Ret and Snute to come back from a gaming cafe where they were practicing for the past 3 hours waiting for their group stage to begin. Groups E and F should begins shortly.

14:22 CET Games are about to start. Groups C and D are warming-up.

13:56 CET We're taking a short break on streams. Everything's going to go live soon.

13:24 CET
Some of the early-morning pictures are up in our coverage hub and on flickr. More to come later. Current photos were taken by the www.outPlayed.net staff. Big thank you guys!

13:02 CET
First games have finished. At the moment Tarson is leading 1:0 against sLh.

12:23 CET
7 players won't participate due to various reasons. Tara, Dana, Hazed, desRow, evaner, dayshi and kaito haven't arrived at MoW.

11:13 CET
Streams are up! Watch them here: here

10:41 CET
Players are warming up. First games are going to be live shortly.

9:42 CET
Apparently none of the players got really drunk, but the crew did ^^ Currently everything is being setup. As for me I'm about to grab a tea and start doing interviews. Some of them should be uploaded soon.

Thursday, August 30th
Interview with Sage: "I'm still getting surprised by European zerg"


Hey Sage, why have you decided to join Ministry of Win?

Hello. I've been looking for a foreign team to join. I already knew a few non-Korean players who lived at NS HoSeo Team house; Morrow was one of them. One day he said, "come live with me again" and introduced me to Kevin who's the team manager. I gave it a thought and decided to join.

How is Poland treating you thus far? You said that you like the food. How about the people you live with?

"Polish food is yummy and I have no problems with it. I feel like a gosu in sandwich making."
I've been here for about a week now. I'm a bit surprised that there is a well-designed practice schedule, and the food is served on time. Polish food is yummy and I have no problems with it. I feel like a gosu in sandwich making. All of the people in the house have different characters, but they are cool. They always try to talk to me.

Who's the person in the house that you talk to the most?

I talk a lot with Kevin (Alt Tab Manager), Wilko who has his seat next to mine, and Breath who wants to teach me some English, but overall I chat with everybody.

What's the main difference between European and Korean ladder for you personally? Is EU ladder a place to practice?

First of all, there is a huge difference in playstyle; I'm still a bit confused and have to get used to it. Korean zergs are very good, but their builds and macro is pretty similar to Europeans; however, each European top zerg uses exotic, but very strong build and I'm still getting surprised by it. There are no notable players on EU ladder, but at the moment I meet too many Protoss and PvP is my weakest match-up.

You've been in a slump lately. Is MoW a place that can help you in coming back to Code A or even qualifying to Code S?

I think that it depends on the environement. MoW is a great place to practice, but there are not so many practice partners. Still, if I practice hard I can stand on the podium of any event.

Battle at the Ministry of Win is happening this weekend. Who do you want to play against and who is a player you wouldn't like to meet?

I want to paly against top tier zerg and terran players; especially nerchio, Snute and SortOf. I don't know if they practiced at MoW, but I want to meet them in the tournament. At the same time I hope that I won't play against any Protoss player.

How long are you planning to stay in MoW and what are your plans after you leave the practice house?

So far I'm planning to stay here for 6 months, but I have no idea what's going to happen later.
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