IEM Season VII Cologne:<br>StarCraft 2 Live Blog

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 2 years, 36 weeks ago
Welcome to our live blog for the StarCraft 2 tournament at IEM Cologne, bringing you news feed from the matches by the second!



18:45 CET - Mvp 3-1 Nerchio
Metropolis: Extremely similar game to the previous with an active, hatch sniping Mvp and Nerchio in full macro mode. Nerchio tries to break the terran lines on a number of occasions but staying predominantly on lair tech does not aid his cause. Mvp's defenses are immovable, his upgrades overwhelming and waves after waves of zerg break into a final gg from Nerchio. MVP is the champion of IEM Gamescom!

18:30 CET - Mvp 2-1 Nerchio
Atlantis Spaceship: A lot of base sniping leaves the players with shambled economies, barely mining off of three bases past the 25th minute mark. Mvp is particularly relentless and for every CC he loses he kills two hatcheries of Nerchio, putting the brood lording zerg in a dangerous predicament. As Mvp fortifies a position in the center, Nerchip tries to break it to establish some sort of map control so that he can get some bases up but hunter seeker missiles - obviously terran's new imba weapon - cremate the brood lords, putting an end to this game.

18:00 CET - Nerchio 1-1 Mvp
Cloud Kingdom: 50+ drones get charred by the blue flame/cloak banshee opening of Mvp and the terran comfortably throws in a fourth and fifth command center, preparing to go full macro mech mode. A slight overcommitment by him gets Nerchio back into the game, however, and for a moment the zerg is in full control - he has brood lords, he has 50 supply advantage and he has delayed terran bases with burrowed roaches.

What he doesn't do right is engage the mech army straight on, losing the bulk of his ground army and getting facesmashed by thors and tanks for the 1-1.

17:40 CET - Nerchio 1-0 Mvp
Ohana: A 2-rax opening evolves into a 4-rax/SCV all in that puts Nerchio against the ropes. For a moment it seems that Nerchio is too broke to set up a proper spine wall as Mvp almost breaks his natural but the terran is in even bigger trouble as his income back home can barely support the four raxes. Nerchio, on the other hand, somehow stabilizes himself and sneaks four lings into the bare base of Mvp, forcing a GG.
17:30 CET - TIME. FOR. GRAND FINAL! Nerchio vs Mvp starting on Ohana.


16:55 CET - Mvp 3-1 VortiX
Cloud Kingdom: Mvp goes for clocked banshees as VortiX goes for his standard four queens into third base. Hellions get into VortiX's base to deal some nice damage followed by banshees that can't seem to get in. Mvp switches to bio and claims his third as VortiX starts his forth and jumps into muta harass. VortiX goes for a fast hive followed by a fifth base as he continues to keep Mvp busy. Mvp tried to harass but is faced with blings and infestors as the zerg gets his ultras up. VortiX's maxed army looks very scary against Mvp's 150 supply as the game nears 20 minutes. Just as Mvp maxes out VortiX goes in and destroys the terran's planetary. Mvp goes in to deny VortiX's fifth as brood lords come in to play. A minute later the tables have switched as Mvp drops everywhere with a 30 supply lead on VortiX. In a last attempt, VortiX goes in with broods and corruptors for a last attack but Mvp holds and claims the series.

16:30 CET - Mvp 2-1 VortiX
Daybreak: VortiX takes an early third as Mvp goes for rushed blue flame hellions. Mvp goes in with 8 blue flames but VortiX has no drones at his third and manages to kill all hellions with just one drone lost. Mvp does not let off and manages to do some damage with his hellions to delay VortiX's mutas from going across the map. A thor come in just in time to fend of the mutas as Mvp continues to harass with hellions reaching 35 drones killed. Mvp's third retreats as VortiX goes in for the kill with roaches and mutas, claiming game three to stay in the series.

16:15 CET - Mvp 2-0 VortiX
Antiga Shipyard: Triple command center start off our second game. Mvp flies his command center to the third as VortiX's third hatch ends. Mvp's economy goes crazy as he goes in for a drop. Seen by VortiX, Mvp retreats to deny VortiX's forth only to lose the drop units to mutas. Mvp is looking very strong as he caps supply ahead of VortiX. The zerg goes in for a comeback as he kills Mvp's entire army to even the scores. Ultras are part of VortiX's next assult as Mvp holds and again goes up for a huge (40!) supply lead. VortiX tries to break Mvp's secured forth a couple of times only to lose again and again as Mvp claims the second game.

15:55 CET - Mvp 1-0 VortiX
Ohana: Both players get their naturals as Mvp goes for banshee hellion to harass VortiX's third. Mvp pushes into the VortiX's main to take out a few drones but gets killed quickly. VortiX is quick to respond with an army of mutas to which Mvp has almost no answer. Hellions are sent to do a ton of drone damage on VortiX as both players lose dozens of workers. As the game progresses Mvp goes for mech turtle as VortiX pushes in with his brood lords. Seeker missiles finish just in time to save Mvp but he losses all ravens and most of his army. VortiX goes in again as thors and vikings try and push out the corruptors. Once again Mvp holds as the stalemate goes on. Mvp attacks with hellions across the whole map, as VortiX understands he has to go in for the kill or lose it. Mvp holds with insane amounts of vikings and takes game one.

15:30 CET - The second semi finals is starting - Karont3 VortiX vs IM Mvp.

15:10 CET - Nerchio 3-2 Violet
Entombed Valley: A mutalisk mirror redux closes the series between the two zergs. Once again, Nerchio is proactive about denying hatcheries and snipes the third of Violet and adds in an infestation pit after seeing that he'll be safe against a potential counter attack. Violet, on the other hand, keeps making mutas, reaching 60+ at one point of time and commits to an attack inside Nerchio's bases. He snipes a few pieces of tech but finds himself trapped in the corner between a rock and an infestor. Chaining fungal after fungal, Nerchio melts the mutas of Violet and takes the series.

14:45 CET - Nerchio 2-2 Violet
Metropolis: Macro set with a relatively uneventful early and mid-game. Both players kill each other's thirds but then sit back and tech to hive. The mirror is broken when Nerchio puts down a nydus network and makes a push across the map while it's building. Nerchio gets the better concave and pushes Violet back after an equal trade but a nydus worm suddenly sprouts in his main. Violet starts pouring roaches out and Nerchio decides to just go for the base race. His army meets a heavily fortified Violet, hover, and with more corruptors and hearty static defense, Violet manages to clean the brood lords of Nerchio and tie the series once more.

14:15 CET - Nerchio 2-1 Violet
Ohana: A similar game to the previous one with the small big difference of Nerchio killing 17 drones with a ling/baneling attack. Coming back is impossible for Violet: his infestor transition is not at all effective and Nerchio keeps denying him a third base to ultimately win the numbers game.

13:55 CET - Violet 1-1 Nerchio
Cloud Kingdom: Nerchio is in full and total control of this game. He opens speed/banes into mutas and then roach/infestor and sets his sight onto the third of Violet, denying it a total of 5 times during the course of the game. With no income, no map presence and no formidable army, Violet falls for the tie.

13:30 CET - Violet 1-0 Nercho
Daybreak: A very BroodWar-esque ZvZ of muta/ling mirror. Nerchio takes a bit of a lead after catching some of Violet's mutas in the middle of the map but Violet's faster third helps him catch up in numbers. Then, for some reason, Nerchio commits to an attack in Violet's main and takes a fight with spore crawlers and queens against him. Violet comes from behind and slaughters the mutas, taking game one.

13:20 CET - We have green light for the semi-finals, Nerchio vs Violet are now live!


ROUND OF 12 (Saturday)

Group A (Thursday)
To playoffs: Nerchio, ForGG, SortOf

Group B (Thursday)
To playoffs: MVP, Violet, Kas

Group C (Friday)
To playoffs: Bomber, Slivko, Elfi

Group D (Friday)
To playoffs: Supernova, Vortix, MC

Open Bracket A (Wednesday)
To groups: Bomber, ReaL

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Open Bracket B (Wednesday)
To groups: Mvp, Grubby

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Open Bracket C (Wednesday)
To groups: Puma, NesTea

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Open Bracket D (Wednesday)
To groups: MC, ForGG

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