TSL 4 Ro32 Week 2: Results and VOD Archive

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 2 years, 37 weeks ago
Surprises kept raining in the second week of TSL 4 as two recent champions say goodbye to the tournament and a low-profile European protoss gives Liquid`Taeja more than a hard time!

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[RESULTS and VODS]: Round of 32, Day 3

Three 3-0's. This is what Ro32 Day 3 looked like, starting with Mana vs Hack, a match that should've gone to Polish's favor consider PvT is his favorite match up and that Hack had little to no results to advocate for his success. Nevertheless, the Korean steamrolled through Mana with the ease of Sunday morning and so did Creator over Select and First over Daisy. Not until Coca vs Sase did we see a series go past the third game, although it marked the end of yet another foreigner.

One day before the completion of Ro32, the Koreans are already looking unbeatable.

SERIES OF THE NIGHT: Sase vs Coca, for the sheer reason of it being 3-1

[RESULTS and VODS]: Round of 32, Day 4

In a full contrast, the final Ro32 began with two 3-2 series, one of those being Taeja vs Bischu which, if you ask anybody, should've been a quick 3-0 for the Korean. And the series was quick all right with the two players doing a StarCraft blitzkrieg, constantly trading sets under the 10 minutes in which Bischu almost made a comeback after being down 0-2. If the games went past the 20 workers limit, that would've easily been the series of the night.

Attention should also be paid to DarkForce vs Nerchio who orchestrated an intense, five-set brood war before the German eliminated his opponent, who will not be following his HSC V gold with another one here. Neither will Thorzain - the reigning TSL champion and Sweden's best - who didn't take even a single map off of HasuObs. #EGCurseIsReal

SERIES OF THE EVENING: HasuObs vs Thorzain, Nerchio vs DarkForce as the runner-up/
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