HomeStory Barbecue: HSC V Preview

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 2 years, 42 weeks ago
Do you smell what Take’s cooking? It’s his famous HomeStory barbecue, the second this year. To make it, he goes on the world-wide market and picks the best ingredients there are. Compromises are not an option. In the next four days, Krefeld will smell of good food, camaraderie, melting keyboard plastic and StarCraft.

HomeStory Cup V has come. Time to set the table.

The Steaks
One cannot have a good barbecue party without fresh, juicy steaks. They are, after all, the highlights of the evening and this is what everything besides those unexplainable vegetarians is eating. To make his main course appetizing, Take has secured five of the best steaks on the market.

IM_Mvp: The highest quality steak that money can buy. It’s rich on vitamins, proteins, money and water, as crystal clear as the tears of joy of his fans. Mvp has been a common guest on Korean and American grills alike but this is his first time to be the star of the European cuisine weekend.

The most valuable of the steaks.

SK.MC: MC has already received the golden HSC V seal of approval and seal of food quality control but he’s been summoned for reevaluation. Only one steak at a time can be the receiver of those golden seals and the new product of the competition has just been released.

Quantic.Sase: Sase’s brand of steaks has been around for quite some time now but the pressure from the Korean butcheries was too much until recently. Fortunately, he managed to get good user reviews at MLG Anaheim and as we know, with Take it’s always about making everyone happy.

mouz.Mana: Mana is that chicken white meat steak that is usually at the back of the fridge covered with all sorts of other products but is still unbelievably good. We saw it at DreamHack when all those Korean meat was found unsuitable for consummation and was thrown away. At that time, Mana’s flavor tasted better than anything, reminding the people that you don’t have to go veal to feel real.

Acer.Nerchio: He is the pre-packaged steak you get from the grocery store. It looks like steak, feels like steak, but only in combination with the beer does it really come to full effect.

The Beer
When there are steaks, there is beer and it’s usually the second best thing on the entire table although, technically, it’s a different type of “good”. So who’s the beer here and why?

Liquid`ret: Because he’s liquid… Very rich on minerals which sometimes backfires when combined with intestinally aggressive foods.

aTn.Socke and mouzHasuObs: Because they are German and just like the beer, they best represent Germany around the world. Socke’s brand recently tried expanding to the American market and has had decent success while HasuObs is still staying more or less on European ground for the local fans to enjoy.

TLO exterminating all the beer.

mTw.Dimaga: Because just like beer, Dimaga always makes you smile. Whether he quenches your thirst or leaves you craving for more (much, much more), you can never feel down after a big glass of Dimaga. Unlike other beers that go well with red meat, Dimaga is best consumed with chicken Mana steaks.

Empire.Happy: Because beer is happiness. Also, making a “Vodka” section would be overdoing it.

ROOT.Destiny: If these players are beer, Destiny is the "Four Loko." People tried to get him off the shelves, as his taste is sometimes a little irritating and sometimes downright harmful. That said, he is efficient at what he does and makes for a very entertaining night. He also doesn't need burgers and steaks to make a good living.

The Buns
You might seem them as fillers but, honestly, many times they are more tasty than the main dish. In this particular HomeStory Cup case, they are here to soak up the meaty, greasy taste of steaks and burgers and control the alcoholic effect of the beer.

Liquid`TLO and aTnDarkForce: Respectively, the most popular German zerg buns and the best German zerg buns. You cannot not have them on the table plus why would you import bread from abroad when there’s more than enough in Germany already?

Dario has a well documented history of BBQ's.

EG.InControl: The casting buns that complete the combination of progaming steaks, burgers and beers. Watching all that meat grilling is good but putting it in-between those muscly slices is even better as their artless taste give the meal a unique note that changes after each bite.

IM_YongHwa: It’s a brand of Korean buns that is supposed to be good but is still not too popular on the foreign market. The IM bakery won the qualifier round but still has a long way to go before proving that the YongHwa buns are an essential product to every barbecue.

The Burgers
Also known as the meats that desperately want to be steaks but can’t because lack of consistency. They do a lot of things right, but in the end, they're just not up there.

Acer.Bly: He wants to be the best Zerg in Ukraine but cannot seem to do it. StarCrafters still prefer a mug of Dimaga and some imported steak for lunch instead of a local-made burger. If only they gave him a chance, however…

Empire.Kas: He really wants to be a beast at offline events as well. The consumers’ market quickly grew accustomed to the “Ladder King” burger brand and is now demanding a higher quality of service 24/7. So far, “Ladder King” has been delivering at a rate of only about 18/5.

aL.Naama: He wants to do well at more DreamHacks and not just first ever. Although he was never a steak, Naama has been one of the most popular brand of Finnish burgers and at least now he gets to compete in the absence of his biggest local rival – “Elfi’s”.

Dignitas.BlinG: He wishes he did not make an early exit at the WCS national finals. He was just getting as popular as the English breakfast and just as fulfilling but then a rake of lion’s claws ground him to mincemeat.

Fnatic.ToD: He’s so good a burger he’s almost real meat. If only people in tournaments stopped bashing him with a hammer…

The Sauces
Sauces are not really a must for barbecues per se (at least not in my country) but everything is so much better with them. Three or four drops of the magic fluids give the entire meal a new dimension of taste.

EG.Idra: The extra-hot chili sauce. Only a few people on the planet can take it in abundance and the majority of the community prefers him in moderate, controlled doses. His strong taste has been seen to overwhelm unsuspecting steaks, although those occurrences are getting rarer by the day.

GoldenLightT, xSixSleep and Type.ReaL: A Korean mixture of several sauces. The “Golden” ingredient gives it an ever-changing taste that often “trolls” your senses, while the other two standardize it to a degree that is appealing to the average consumer.

The Healthy Salad With Fibers, Raw Nuts and Spinach
In other words – this thing on the table that few people care about and look at awkwardly not knowing what to expect until it’s the last dish left.

ESC.Monchi, Type.DBS, Mill.Tarson and aTn.Cloud: They aren’t bad at all, no sir. It’s just not everybody on the party who is vegetarian gives all his love to the underdog meal.

But then again, one can quickly fill up on bread, beer and buns, right?

Text by: Nydra and hattfatt
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