Meet Fnatic part 5<br>ByuL: 'I think we can make GSTL semi finals'

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 2 years, 39 weeks ago
The heavy weeks filled with MLG, DreamHack and lots of travelling are over and we sat down for a recreational with Fnatic's ByuL for the fifth part of our "Meet Fnatic" feature.

Compared to his team-mates, ByuL had a much slower and a more subtle crawl into the big world of StarCraft 2. Previously a Brood War player for Samsung KHAN, ByuL appeared only in four matches for the SK Proleague 10-11 and although he had a 4-0 record in what is one of the most prestigious SC1 tournaments out there, the sheer quantity of his appearances was insufficient to put his talent for everyone to see.

During the off-season, ByuL is introduced to StarCraft 2 and starts practicing and soon thereafter he goes on to pursuing a career as a full-time SC2 player. He quits Samsung KHAN and on March 19th, 2012 he joins the SC2 Academy of Team Fnatic. Two months later, the Korean Zerg "graduates" and on May 13th he is accepted among the professional roster of the team. He would go on to be one of the key players for Fnatic in the GSTL but let us not put the cart before the horse. Let's hear it all from the man itself.


You are a unique member of Fnatic in the sense that you went through the Academy first. What was it like there? What did you learn in those weeks?

I practiced playing on the ladder, watching gosus' replays and GSL/MLG streams in Fnatic's house.

As far as I know, you came to Fnatic with good recommendations from your BroodWar colleagues. Can you comment a little bit on that? Were Samsung KHAN sad to let you pursue a career in SC2?

I finished 10-11 Proleague with 4-0 stats and then I started preparing for the 11-12 season. But during the off-season I got bored and heard SC2 will be added to the Proleague format. Coach Kim let us practice basic SC2 for 1-2 weeks and I found it interesting. I talked to the coach about me playing mainly SC2 but as long as I was in KesPA, I couldn't participate any SC2 leagues. I was disappointed with that and talked to coach Oh Sang Tak. At that time Fnatic were about to do something in Korea. I thought that's how I could join.

You play Zerg in both Brood War and SC2. What would you say is the biggest difference between the Zerg race in the two games? Which was the hardest SC2 technique you had to master?

I think the difference in ZvT is that it's hard to use caster units in SC2 (like defiler in SC1, infestor in SC2). Defiler's plague and dark swarm can damage/protect mass units but infestors can't. In ZvP, if Zerg goes 200 food fast that means Zerg has an advantage. But in SC2, if I go 200 food it's basically useless. Zergs could use guerrilla position in SC1 but can't do that in SC2.

byul-small.jpgHow is life in the Fnatic gaming house? Are your teammates treating you differently now that you are an academy graduate?

No, nothing's changed and nothing's different between Academy and Pro. Same as usual. I like Fnatic house, especially since I can do whatever I want.

Do you practice with the other Fnatic members a lot or is it mostly ladder games? Who's the most helpful of your teammates in terms of practice?

I play ladder all day long, I rarely help preparing for tournaments. The teammates are all the same, no one's really more helpful than the other.

Being an ex-member of a KeSPA team (Samsung KHAN) you should be no stranger to living in a team house, but sharing a place with foreigners must certainly be new to you. How do you find the presence of ToD and NightEnd and what are they bringing to the table?

At first, I thought I have a good command in English but I was wrong. Here I learned English thanks to foreigners. Oh, and they have difficulty eating spicy food.

You're fresh in the front-line roster and already you are reaping results as you're the main reason that Fnatic beat IM in the GSTL. Do you see yourself wrecking havoc in individual leagues any time soon?

On that day, I was lucky. I hope to win at least one game next time!

Speaking of the GSTL, you guys already won your first Round 2 match against Prime and are looking forward to meeting the winner of SlayerS and MVP. Who would you rather face and why?

I prefer SlayerS. MVP has good Zerg players and I think Zerg these days is very strong.

Any particular player you want to meet? You already beat NesTea and Happy so maybe conquering MMA or DongRaeGu can elevate your esteem even more, hehe.

I hope I can play vs Lee [MarineKing] Jung Hoon.

Several of your teammates were really optimistic about Fnatic's future in the GSTL, Rain even said you can finish top 3. Do you agree with them on this? How far do you think Fnatic will go?

Semi finals I think.

Going back two weeks, you visited Anaheim in June 8-10 for the MLG Spring Championship weekend and those were a busy three days, full of exciting events. For starters, did you get the chance to play the new expansion beta, Heart of the Swarm?

I'm really looking forward to seeing the expansion. My favorite unit was the hydralisk in SC1 and I saw the option to increase hydra's speed.There's a new unit which draw other units.

What do you think of the new units and the beta build in general? How will the new strategies affect your playstyle?

I think at first there will be new strategies but soon I'll go back to normal late games.

During the Anaheim weekend, there was also the KeSPA exhibition match. Did you watch it? What did you think about the play of Bisu, Jaedong, Flash and the others?

I played some games with Stork, I can't say he's good but it won't take him long to be same level as I am because he has positive mind in everything. Bisu and Jaedong are both good, I think they will catch up to SC2 pros soon.

How long do you think it will take them to catch up with the rest of the SC2 scene? Jaedong and Flash said in interviews it will be about 1 year...

It won't take that much, 6 months is enough for them to catch with SC2 pros.

What individual tournaments are you looking forward to in 2012? We know that you'll be taking part in the GGA Grand Finals in December, along with some of the best progamers such as Alive, Thorzain, Dimaga, Ganzi, Revival, Heart, Inori and more...

I really want to play in MLG/IPL.

To wrap up this interview, do you have any shoutouts to your growing-by-the-second fans, our readers or sponsors?

Thank to our sponsors RaidCall, SteelSeries, DXRACER, EIZO, MSI and my fans. I saw there's fan club on tl.net and I'm happy you guys like me!

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