BlinG: 'WCS is definitely the way to go forwards'

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 2 years, 45 weeks ago
Dignitas' protoss Samayan "BlinG" Kay was kind enough to give us a quick interview in the afternoon of Sunday, June 10th. We discuss the topic of Blizzard's World Championship Series, BlinG's insecurity in PvZ and, finally, slightly poke the drama that appeared during Spring Arena 2.

So, we’re here with you at the third day of the MLG Spring Championship weekend. How were these three days going for you?

It’s been OK, obviously I didn’t do as well as I would’ve liked to but I’m not really that practiced in general so I didn’t really expect too much. I fell short like one map from pool play again, same as Columbus, so it’s kind of annoying to have gone so close yet so far.

But yes, I’ve enjoyed myself. I’m looking forward to the Barcraft tonight and that’s always fun.

Indeed, you had a tough MLG and you open bracket run ended with losing to Oz I believe and then to Suppy. Losing to Oz is nothing huge, I mean he is incredibly good, but many people were shocked that you lost to Suppy. What happened there?

Suppy is really good player anyway, but the way PvZ is right now it's really tough in macro game at least. I really didn’t want to all-in although it was my best chance. I tried to play macro and it didn’t go too well. He took me out but he also took out Complexity’s Killer and MVPTails so he definitely knows how to play. Although he’s not that well known, I don’t feel bad losing to him.

There’s another tournament that is happening alongside MLG – the WCS. Obviously, you are not playing in the US nationals but you are qualified for the UK nationals together with Demuslim. Many people consider you the favorite along with Benjamin but how do you see yourself personally?

I don’t want to be big-headed and arrogant or whatnot but I too see myself as a favorite. I feel that Demuslim’s of the tough ones to beat. I played him twice now in tournament/showmatch situations and I’ve come on top both times so if we do meet I am pretty confident that I’ll be able to take him down.

But there are other many good players also. JonhyReCCo has been playing really well and he’ll be just as tough as Demuslim since I am not feeling good against zerg lately. I think I can still take him, but I don’t think it’ll be easy.


If you take the tournament, you will be going to the continental finals and, generally, Europe has been the best SC2 region besides Korea. There are so many strong eSports nations – there’s Ukraine, Sweden, the Germans are playing extremely well. Who do you think is the toughest nation to beat by far?

I think the toughest nation to beat is probably Poland because of Nerchio. And it’s not just the player, it’s the match-up in general.

During the course of the WCS tournaments, did you see any player from the tournaments that surprised you along the way. After all, it has a huge player pool and many of the contenders are really unknown.

I didn’t see many of the nation qualifiers but I saw the Italian nationals and there was Jeal. I’ve never heard of him but he did beat Cloud and StarEagle and I didn’t expect that for one.

We talked to the WSC boss Ilja Rotelli and he told us that the WCS is constructed to be a tournament that builds StarCraft 2 as a participatory sport and help the little guy get out there. Do you see this happening? Do you think it can be the next big but new thing on the scene? Because there are a lot of MLGs and GSLs on the scene already.

Yeah, I think WCS is definitely the way to go forwards. At first, when Koreans were coming over to MLG it was really exciting. But now it’s gone to the point where foreigners stop coming because it’s no fun, we keep losing. We don’t do too bad against the Koreans, though, Sase and Stephano both came top six in this event. And it was because of their mistakes that they lost, it was not like they were completely outplayed. So we got pretty close but this WCS which cannot be filled with Koreans is very good. I think that every tournament that Blizzard is backing is going to be good no matter what. I’m looking forward to it and I’m excited to see how it goes.


Switching back to the other big thing this weekend: the Heart of the Swarm beta build has come to Anaheim. Did you get the chance to play with the new units?

No, I wasn’t too interested in it, I just wanted to focus on my games. I saw some of the VODs and it seems pretty ridiculous right now, the units seem pretty crazy. But I guess that is what they want: the players to use them and come up with new strategies.

Do you think they will be able to balance it quickly? David Kim was really confident about releasing and patching it in a timely fashion so that there isn’t a huge gap of imbalance.

Yes, they’ve usually done a good job with balancing in general.

Last MLG there was a little bit of drama around you. I don’t know if you are comfortable commenting on that. There was something about a party in New York and then Newman made some comment about not sending you to any more events.

He said that?

Yes, on 2GD’s show I believe. He mentioned that you guys lost something.

Oh, yeah, one of the fans stole one of my shirts.

Is the issue resolved now in that case? I know I would like to see you at more MLG events.

I think the whole thing got blown out of proportion and I don’t really know why he said that because that’s a bit mean towards me. I don’t really know what he said so I cannot really comment.

Additionally, the Arenas are small in general so everyone that was there seemed kind of close and I didn’t expect the guy to do it. It was someone who won a trip to the tournament I think, although I am not sure. But it happens I guess. I’ll be more cautious next time with these.

There are just two more matches to be played: the grand finals of WCS US Nationals and MLG Spring Championship. Vibe and Daisuki are currently playing the first one and there’s Alicia vs DongRaeGu in the latter. Who do you think will take each tournament?

No idea about the WCS. I’ve never heard of Daisuki, I don’t know how good he is so I guess anyone can take it. I’m going to say Vibe because I’ve played him before. For the MLG finals, I have to say DRG because he is very good anyway and it’s ZvP so Alicia will have it a hard time winning two best of threes. He’s going into it with a disadvantage and it’s already hard enough.

Photos by: NyxRose, Multiplay
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