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Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern 3 years, 1 day ago
GosuGamers have decided to go on a world tour. Every week we’ll introduce a new barcraft event by talking to organizers. Barcrafts are usually held at normal sports bars that simply stream Starcraft 2 instead of more traditional sports. So grab a seat, order half a pint and let’s watch some games!

1_th.jpg 4_th.jpgWelcome to Mash, we have girls that like Starcraft!
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BarCraft Israel

Where - Israel, Tel Aviv, Mash Bar.
How much - 4 Barcrafts held, more on the way.
Running since - November 2011.
Attending - 100-140 people each event.
Contact - Facebook

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Aviv Wat, I’m 23 from Raanana Israel and I’m a student.

So how did you start organizing barcrafts, where did you hear about the idea?
I saw the idea on the Team Liquid forums and checked out if it can happen for us in Israel. Ideas for barcrafts were on the forums and people just wrote they started to do it so I thought why not try ourselves.

Was finding a place difficult, how did you approach a sports bar and ask them to stream Starcraft?
I looked for a bar, and the first one was Mash, they were open minded for more income and just didn’t mind. We went through a process of checking if they have the proper equipment meaning computer and decent internet connection, and things turned out fine.

How did you advertise the event, was getting people difficult?
I just talked to friends and posted an event on facebook. I get help from real life friends, two of us thought of it and others are helping, we all play SC2 together. I thought we were going to be about 20 people the first time, but it was a lot more, about 140 people attending on facebook and a lot of people actually showed up.

So how was the first get-together, and the following events?
I was excited and nervous for the first time, and wasn’t sure how it’s going to go. I had to bring my computer, the internet was on the border of enough, we couldn’t get the best quality stream, but it was fine. The second time I had some help, an israeli clan (eSraelGaming) helped out with a computer without asking anything in return.
Mash also really liked us as an audience, usually during a high profile soccer match the bar is packed with screaming fans and the waitresses can’t actually get to tables, with us the bar was full but we were nice to them and helped them out. They also started giving us some good prices and deals, a free chaser with the first beer and a discount on hot wings + beer combo.

It sounds like you guys are doing well, what makes your barcraft event special?
I don’t think we really have anything special. The community is really great, it’s mostly on facebook and also the israeli SC2 community forums (www.zergling.co.il) and the way everyone comes together is great. I’ve heard some barcraft have special menus and stuff like Mutalisk Wings, I think the most important thing is just sitting with friends watching starcraft with a beer in hand.
We also have people that don’t really follow starcraft come each time. There’s a group on facebook of game developers who don’t really play but still come to events just to hang out with other like minded people. They aren’t hard core community fans, but they still hang out with us.

How often do you have events, do you plan on expanding, maybe stream different games?
I don’t think there’s any place for games other then starcraft since there’s just not enough of a community, but we wanna try and have a barcraft every month or so. People can’t really spend so much money on it every time and if we have it too often it’ll lose its edge. Even once a month might be too much.
Last time we had a donation box, we thought about making the next barcraft more interesting, maybe have a raffle or bets on matches. We can’t really have a barcraft tournament since we don’t have the money to get equipment (computers and a good internet connection), but we’re still growing. The israeli clan wanted to buy the whole event a round of chasers but they gave up on that idea when too many people showed up.

So any advice to people trying to raise barcrafts?
It’s a bit complicated, I’m the first in Israel to attempt it. If you’re the first in your area just try it and people will come, but make sure to post something on facebook at least a month before so that it can spread.

Thanks a lot Aviv! Is there anything else you wanna say?
Thanks to the community and to everyone who helps run the event! We have a group on facebook called Barcraft Israel and the community is on zergling.co.il! Also thanks to Mash bar, they are awesome for hosting us!

Run a barcraft event? Leave us a comment with a facebook link and we’ll contact you.

This is a GosuGamers weekly feature by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern, that is published every Wednesday.
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