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wyvern_lt vs sas.LocDog

Posted by sas.LocDog
Accepted by Spuczan
Added 3 years, 48 weeks ago
Event Fish ladder
Map iCCup Fighting Spirit 1.3
Patch 1.16
Game length 23 mins
Play date 2012-04-01
Player one
wyvern_lt (336 APM)
Player two
sas.LocDog (185 APM)
Display winner
First pick

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PvZ vs 1800pts zerg..


Current: 5.0 (3 votes)

Comments (Closed)

PolandSpuczan 3 years, 48 weeks ago
After first strike LocDog had the game but you must see this.
Nice recalls and deadly unit composition.
LithuaniaDrunKeR 3 years, 42 weeks ago
let's see 3> ZERG crazy.gifgg?

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