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fr.Dima vs iFU.eOnzErG

Posted by eonzerg
Accepted by Spuczan
Added 4 years, 43 weeks ago
Event Public game
Map iCCup Python 1.3
Patch 1.16
Game length 26 mins
Play date 2012-05-17
Player one
fr.Dima (213 APM)
Player two
iFU.eOnzErG (162 APM)
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Fr.Dima aka gargoyle start with 2 port wraith into late game. fun to watch


Current: 4.0 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Chinayoon 4 years, 43 weeks ago
100 % sure that fr.dima isnt gargoyle manner plz
Spaineonzerg 4 years, 43 weeks ago

ilovev Korea (North). May 22 2012 15:22. Posts 144

Profile #

Gargoyle was Champion of Defiler Tournament #1 and #2. Also he is the best bw-player in Kazakhstan, i think.
Now known as FR.Dima. Being inactive for along time, but now training again.

PolandShockeR_40 4 years, 43 weeks ago
#1 well..

actually he is xD
PolandSpuczan 4 years, 42 weeks ago
Hey send me more your replays man! :D
Russian FederationZOLOTOI 4 years, 40 weeks ago
eonzerg pedeg :) loose to gargoyle in ladder > 10 games, but send win-- ^^
PolandSpuczan 4 years, 39 weeks ago
If the games was good I don't care about who is winning :D

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