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Nb.Mazur vs Nb.FlaF

Posted by MVPZERG
Added 3 years, 5 weeks ago
Event Public game
Map Python 1.1
Patch 1.16
Player one Nb.Mazur
Player two Nb.FlaF
Display winner

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Nb.FlaF APM: 196
Nb.Mazur APM: 155

Two top foreigners duking it out in an Nb practice game from July of 2011.
Flaf gets overlord speed/drop before hive in order to get the islands in python and to abuse the close proximity of the two players(12 vs 2).
Mazur is good at defending FlaF's drops, but FlaF's island abuse puts him in a fantastic economic position, and it really gives him a solid lead going into hive play.
The only reason the game remains close throughout is Mazur's powerful late game army composition that involves a lot of dts, archons, and reavers.

The game is quite long as it involves a final battle for the remaining land resources.


Current: 8.4 (7 votes)

Comments (Closed)

PolandSpuczan 3 years, 4 weeks ago
Befor this game I thought that you can't kill Mazur if you can beat him in first 30 minutes. Now I think you can't beat him if he survive first 60 minutes ;)
Huge drone massacre on 10 o'clock.
Romaniaflaf 3 years, 4 weeks ago
PhilippinesArtunit 3 years, 5 days ago
nice game. both really good :)

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