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Bisu[Shield] vs Savior[gm]

Posted by anytime
Accepted by EffOrt
Added 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Event Public game
Map Blue Storm 1.1
Patch 1.15
Player one Bisu[Shield]
Player two Savior[gm]
Display winner

Download this replay (5,530)


Both players decides to start off with FE. The zerg isn't satisfied with protoss FE, so he takes another exp.
Bisu tries his popular DT + sairs strategy, but quite unsuccessful. The game also develops into macro fest. Who will outmacro the other? Watch and find out!


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Comments (Closed)

United StatesLordWeird 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Those racial tags look ugly in description.

United KingdomLegacy-_- 5 years, 40 weeks ago
awd[gm] = savior i think?

at least on ygosu savior's blizzcon replays are labeled as awd[gm]
United StatesKawaiiRice 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Polandz_z 5 years, 40 weeks ago
awd is savior
MexicoCyruS 5 years, 40 weeks ago
yes.. hes savior
RomaniaHYUNA 5 years, 40 weeks ago
savior suxie
GermanyGe.Ge 5 years, 40 weeks ago
bisu > savior
SerbiaRamiZ 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Bisu > savior always-.- ...even in WWi or something when they played SC2 bisu>Savior XDDD
Bulgariaanytime 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Bisu the PvZ God :D
Greeceich_bin[dicht] 5 years, 40 weeks ago
i hate bisu
Finland821 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Nice game :)
HungaryMaSSarcH 5 years, 40 weeks ago
this was a rape... savior didnt even had a chance 2 win except the holdlurk @ beginning @ min only. but bisu turned back...
FinlandWibang 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Bisu reps are always so goood when hes on shape ;p
Viet NamPisces 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Savior -_-
Polandgoku_san 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Have you seen this replay? I think something is wrong... mh or smth?

Pay attention on the Bisu limits on the 3:00 minutes of game is 17/17 (one pylon) Then after 20 seconds (3:20 minutes of game) the limit is 17/26 BUT hi didnt build second pylon!

But thats not all! Look at the minute 9:24 of the replay: Bisu sent his zealots to attack second expension of Savior. There where lurkers next to it, BUT they didnt attack the zealots not at all!!! Bisu just back his zealots....

WTF ???

Turkeymami532 5 years, 40 weeks ago
goku_san ! at 3:20 (17+9=26)
and the lurkers was under control by pressing stop stop stop so that they would kill all p units. but protos realized the plan or waited for a hidden attack and back.
GermanyDrake 5 years, 40 weeks ago
looool @ 15 sry but talk only if u understand in this line or ask nicer xD
Canadavegso 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Having never heard of hold lurkers. Wow
Bulgariaif.will 5 years, 40 weeks ago
agree with #15 these son of a bitches should stop hacking -.-
Bulgariaanytime 5 years, 40 weeks ago
#15: I didn't know Bisu was a cheater. T_T
What about FlaSh? I think he uses mineral hack in order to have such good macro.
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