Wavering outcome in CaStrO case

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand 6 years, 24 weeks ago

The World Cyber Games website holds CaStrO as group stage winner, despite a "loss" to group partner Ace. The answer to which player will face Stork and Legend in the playoff remains in a quandary.

The strategy of dropping games in the group stage to avoid certain players is nothing new. Koreans have done it many times in order to dodge their compatriots in the playoffs. Yesterday, in Group C, it was said that Peruvian player CaStrO dropped a game versus Ace in order to avoid Stork in the group stage.

However, CaStrO's friend tells GosuGamers that it was not the intention.
- My team leader told me my game was in an hour, but he was wrong too. Believing it was an hour I went to check some webpages and send a few emails. When I came back the refree told me I had lost and had to leave, CaStrO's friend channeled through.

GosuGamers reported Hungarian player Ace as the group winner, as Ace's forfeit win would tip the scales between the two. But according to the World Cyber Games website, CaStrO is ranked first and Ace second. Common belief was that it was an organizational error , and that Ace would still have the top spot.

Most people believed that Stork were to drop a game as well in order to avoid Jaedong early in the group stage. But when Stork "managed" to win all his group stage games, he still ended up on the same side of the brackets as Jaedong.

How the entire story comes out in play will be known tomorrow as the playoffs kick off at 12:00.
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