OSL week 1.2: Stork too strong for BackHo

Posted by Lars "cYaN" Olsen at 12 September 2008 15:51

Week one of OSL is over and starting next week it's all about surviving the groups. Those who have a loss from the first week are going to have a hard time though. Lets hope for some great games.


Again the games were pretty one sided today mostly. Much tried a one base carrier strategy vs Bisu on Plasma. Needless to say Bisu won. BeSt seemed to simply outmacro GGPlay on Chupung-Ryeong which could prove to be an interesting map. Mind cheesed Midas good and proper without him getting wiser before he'd lost while BackHo actually put up a decent fight against Stork.

Incruit StarLeague Week 1.2
Group A Much < Bisu Plasma
Group B Best > GGPlay Chupung-Ryeong
Group C Midas < Mind Medusa
Group D BackHo < Stork Return of the king

There are now some images of the new maps, although they are still not available for download. It will be very interesting to see the balance on these maps as the pro strategies unfold. Click the images to view them fullsize.

The new Incruit StarLeague maps

The first matchday next week is going to be very interesting. July needs to beat Bisu to stay in contention. GGPlay and Midas also need to win their matches. Of course you can qualify with a 1-2 result but only after tiebreakers if you're lucky enough to get to those. If you're not excited enough about July vs Bisu, Midas vs Luxury should be a great match.

Incruit StarLeague Week 2.1 Wednesday
Group A July vs Bisu Chupung-Ryeong
Group B Light vs GGPlay Medusa
Group C Midas vs Luxury Return of the king
Group D Fantasy vs Stork Plasma

Teamliquid - Map image source


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