HayprO and ret Rejoin the Templars

Posted by Jon "Sp1ralArch1tect" Benn at 17 May 2008 21:55

Two former members of the first class Brood War squad have come back after the recent loss of Arew and Sarens.

The Templars of Twilight have always had a very strong lineup, expecially when it comes to their Zerg players. With many famous Zergs like Mondragon, Xiaozi, and Paranoid its easy to see why their roster is feared by most. Now they have added two more players to the swarm army they field, Haypro and ret rejoin their old team to help out in upcoming clan wars.

HayprO Proves Himself Innocent

Just a few months ago Swedish Zerg HayprO was involved in an incident using Oblivion hack to auto split his miners. He came out publicly afterwards and admitted that he had accidentally used the hack in the game, having downloaded it for obsing games.

Well he was able to stay in the Razer-TeamLiquid Star League as well as have his bans from WGT and iCCup clan leagues lifted very soon. Mondragon has welcomed him back into the fold with open arms, and says in the official statement that he was almost a sure invite some day. Well that day has come, Good Luck in ToT HayprO!

Ret Returns

Ret has come back to his former clan, which he once played a big part in way back in the day. After taking a substantial break from the Brood War scene he came back with [Media], but decided that ToT was a better fit since the practice times were easier for him.

A Fearsome Lineup for ToT

The Templars have come a long way over the years, obtaining and losing some of the best players to ever hit Brood War. Now with these two back in the lineup they have a lineup somewhat reminiscent of those days when they had a roster full of old schools. With WGTCL almost over and iCCupCL still running they may need these two great players to get to the finish line.

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