TSL VODs: Watch the upsets on your own PC

Posted by Frida "Vilda" Hultman at 12 May 2008 13:36

Round of 16 in the TSL playoffs have ended, and now the last VODs are up for download at

Round of 16
Day 1
Poland DracovsUkraine MYM.Strelok
Canada Excello.IefNaijvsItaly ToT)Cloud(
Poland ToT)Gosia(vsLithuania T.SQD)Kr
Ukraine MYM.White-RavsUnitedStates Idra[Media]
Day 2
Germany ToT)Mondragon(vsPoland MYM.Dreiven
Netherlands ret[Media]vsUnitedStates Excello.NonY
Chile MYM.DinotvsRussia fuSion.Rondo
Russia RoX.BRAT_OKvsSweden HayprO

To get the VOD's, find the torrents from the links below and then download the 948.95 MB of StarCraft action. All matches from this round will be included, enjoy!

Links - Source - TSL Ro16 Day 1 VOD's - TSL Ro16 Day 2 VOD's


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