MotC: Quarterfinals Halfway Complete!

Posted by Matt "LordWeird" Klass at 29 March 2008 20:59

Two series for the MotC quarterfinals were played today, seeing two Protoss players advance to the semi-finals. Micro Media representative NonY and Team RoX's Localhost have moved on. Catch the replays below!


The four players were ready to go to war this afternoon, as can be shown in the replays this week. NonY from America was to go against Ukraine's White-Ra. Russian and RoX player Localhost had his own Ukrainian to deal with, in the form of a Warship named Strelok. All four players are top names in the foreign scene, so we were guaranteed some great series today.

The series between Ra and Nony was an interesting one; requiring all three games, unlike the other series that was being played and shoutcasted. In game one, the Ukrainian Ra managed to win despite using a weaker build order than his foe. He accomplished this by taking advantage of even the smallest mistake in micro, ravaging NonY's troops and probes with Reavers. NonY talked to us about the first game, saying that he has never felt he was very good on the Tau Cross map, and lost to superior control despite the build order advantage.

The second game was a quick one. NonY won with a dual-gate proxy rush within minutes, before White-Ra could even get much scouting in. Ra had opted to tech quickly, and was working on his first dragoon as Zealots began pouring in. NonY says he had watched a replay of Ra's PVP on the same map and saw a tendency to get the fast cybernetics core, which is why he chose to do the rush. These two games were not necessarily great on their own, however, they are wonderful buildup for the third game on Zodiac, where the players spawned at opposite sides. With so much space between them, virtually anything was possible.

Game three was an excellent game that you must see for yourself. Replays are available using the link below, and feel free to comment here.

Two more games to be played in the quarter-finals

The two Templars of Twilight, Gosia and Mondragon, as well as the match up between SquaLL and Advokate will take place soon, we will provide a date and time in the near future.

Stay tuned to GosuGamers as this tournament is really beginning to heat up! Thank you for your support and there is much more to come in the future!

Links - Download the replays!


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